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iOS 12 iphone X/7 battery discharges(drains) too fast : few tips to save battery

Apple has launched iits latest iOS 12 like group FaceTime, Faster app launch, Memoji etc  with really cool feature for iphone, operating system iOS 12 is surely going to take iPhone to new standards. While iOS 12 do offer a great user experience and enhanced feature to an end user. But along with that it has bring new complaints and problems to Apple in multiple fields. One of them most affected feature are WiFi and battery drainage and most affected iphone user are iphone 7/ 6s. Infact iPhone X and iPhone 8 are also reported with poor battery life with iOS 12.

iPhone 6s/7 user were complaining that their device was working properly with iOS 11 and upgrade to iOS 12 has pulled them into problems. I am sharing few tips to deal with battery issues.

latest top best amazing apps for iphone on different categories iOS 11/iOS 12

A lots of new apps are coming for iOS 11 and iOS 12. Since from its beginning , lots of new apps have either been updated or completely updated to fit the look and design of iOS 11. So it only seemed appropriate we update our list of must have apps...

With the release of new apps like Waze,  Focus, Fantastical 2, Tweetbot 3, and more, found that its time to add a few more App Store apps to our collection of best iOS 11 ready apps.

And if you find any other apps that amazed on iOS 12 be sure to let us know about them in comments!
Netflix: One of the best streaming service.No application can match Netflix in entertainment category. It’s the one of the best streaming service around with thousands of movies, TV shows, and original shows .


With the release of new iphones and iOS, apple phones are encountering new problems. One example of such problem is blue screen error (BSOD) in new iphone mobiles 5c and 5s. This issue can easily be reproduced when iWork is opened up in iOS 7/ iOS10/iOS 11/iOS 12 . Picture shown tells how this blue screen issue looks. 
BSOD – windows 8

It’s will be usually on Windows which will produce Blue Screen of Death, but iPhone 5s owners reported similar frozen screens when running built-in productivity apps such as Keynote or Numbers.

Apple is continuously trying to provide a stage fix to the problem. This issue was supposed to get a fixed in the release of iOS 7.0.3, which was promised to have a much better system stability. But this issue is even getting reported in new iOS release There are few workarounds fixes available I have tried to write some of these .
One best working way is to Turn off iCloud syncing for Pages, Keynote, and Numbers via the iPhone 5s settings. To do that

Fix Not able to turn off iPhone 7 5s/6s with iOS 11/ iOS 12

There is one common problem that users are facing with iphone 7 and 6s,5. While user are trying to shutdown the iphone , phone will shutdown first but will reboot itself after some time. There are multiple way to fix this problem. Please try these if you are facing the same.


With the release of new Iphone 5s and iPhone 6s User are now facing multiple issue over WiFi connectivity and usage with iOS 11 and iOS 12 beta. The fix seems to majorly a network security setting.There are reports where iPhone 5 users are getting slow speeds on connected to Wi-Fi.

If your iphone5 or 5s is not able to find out a Wi-Fi network or loosing WiFI signal strength , please try to do following troubleshooting steps.


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