Fix for iMessage Problems, showing up my email address instead of my phone number etc.< Few Tips >

Lots of iPhone user have recently upgraded to iOS7.  Among many issues one common issue that many of the user are facing is problem with iMessage. You will see many people mentioning about their complaints in many apple forum or even on FB and twitter. 
Initially it was suspected that apples iMessage server is having problem but it seems that it is simple bugs that are causing these issue with iMessage. Here are few problem mentioned with possible fix for iMessage.     

  • iMessage is showing myemail address instead of my phone number

You can not call it technically a bug, but issue with default setting. It’s easy to fix:

For fix  this Tap Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive -> Apple ID > Sign Out.
iMessage should now display your phone number instead of your email address. Note that people will only be able to contact you on iMessage using your phone number, not your email address.
Other way to set preference to your phone number rather then email(by default).
Go to  Settings -> Messages ->iMessage. Switch  over to use your number instead of your email.

  • iOS message not sycniching across iOS devices:
This is also a setting change. To fix this removed all iMessage preference plists on the Mac and reset everything on iOS. Set up a new password for the iCloud account. After this this should work.

  • Group messaging is not working on iOS:

If group messaging is not working  you can try performing the following steps:

- Start a new group message rather than continuing an old one. Now check this fixes the problem or not

- Reset the network. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. See if this fixes the problem.

- Backup and Restore.

  Back up the Phone: Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup and Back Up Now. 

- Erase the iPhone. Go Go to Settings > General > Erase All Content and Settings. Caution : you may loose imp data. Please make sure before erasing iphone

Now try to Restore your iphone backup. 

  •  iMessage is greyed out  

One more issue is iMessage getting grayed out. One tip to fix it is to reset Messages. To do that Follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Tap each email address to remove it.
Go back one screen and tap iMessage to turn it off.
Go back again and tap FaceTime. Deselect all FaceTime emails and tap FaceTime to turn it off
Wait for some time.

Turn on FaceTime and iMessage  with no email address selected. There should be only your mobile number.

I hope these tips might help you.
Please share these tips on FB to help your friend.

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Maggie Kern said…
HELP!!! My IPad can not send pictures using IMessage. Shows "not delivered".
Can someone explain.
Dany Jhams said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Linda Brimer said…
The little camera icon in messaging is grayed out. My husband and i have the same kind of phones. his is not greyed out and can take a photo and send it in a message. I can not do that with my phone.
Linda Brimer said…
Please if you have any suggestions please reply.


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