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iphone 6 battery draining quickly with iOS11 [Fix]

Many user are having battery drain problem on IOS 8.1.3 on iPhone 5S. iphone kepts on getting warm eg using maps navigation.

To fix the battery drain problem first of all in your iphone check how the battery usage are going on. Which app is taking so much of battery.
It could be one of below.
Location services which is using too much battery to operate, to fix it: go the following location in iphonesettings: 
Settings->Privacy->Location Services 
scroll all the way down and Click System Services. Disable it.
Disable Cell Network Search: it is very much possible that you have poor network connection and your phones keeps on searching for better network reception which causes iphone to draing too much battery. 
Other thing which may give you problem of poor battery performance in iphone is  Setting Time Zone, and Wifi Networking. 
You can also try disabling these one at a time.

Normally people don't need these services, so you can stop them.

fix iphone 6 and iphone5s random virbration after iOS8 upgrade,

Many user who upgraded to iOS8 are facing falsely virbation in iphone5s and 6.
Iphone 6 with iOS 8 randomly makes noise (tri-tone). No new messages, notification, and when on vibrate mode are found when checked by users.

 The problem, All apps which were previously marked *not* to "Allow Notifications" (under iOS 7) still showed up under "DO NOT INCLUDE" in Notifications setup, but were marked to Allow Notifications.  Additionally, two of them were marked to play Sounds and nothing else (no banners, alerts, badges, etc).  I went through and disabled "Allow Notifications" for all of the apps below the "DO NOT INCLUDE" heading.  The fact that these get re-enabled is either a bug with iOS 8 itself or a bug with the restoration process in iTunes 11.4 and iOS 8.  I restored all of the aforementioned apps from an iOS 7 backup of my iPhone 5 performed in the most current release of iTunes (11.4) on a Mac running OS X Mavericks.

I have found few fix to sto…

iphone upgrade, Not able to send and receive text message without data turned on

Actually your phone is sending messages as iMessage. So like many user it may face issue "Can't send/receive texts without data turned on"

Try below tips:

1. you need to change it to normal text.
Immediately after you send the message, tap and hold the blue bubble. You will get a pop-up option to send the iMessage as a text. 

iOS 8 My iphone wifi is not working, Few tips to fix wifi issue iOS8

WiFi not working in iOS 8, this issue is faced by many iPhone users including iPhone6 /6s usres.
People are facing this problem after upgrading to iOS8. There is no permanent fix for the problem, but there are few quick tips that you can check :

1. Reset network settings 
Go to settings-general-reset and reset network settings.

2. Many users have reported that they’ve solved their issues by disabling Wi-Fi Networking under Settings >

iOS12 iphone not able to send photo's and messages using iMessage ! Fixes

Many iphone x and iphone 7 users are facing issue with iMessage that they can’t send images or photos in iMesage on iOS 11 and iOS 12. 

This post will try to help iphone iMessage Issue:
1) iMessage shows "not delivered" but are being received!
2) Not able to send pictures using iMessage
3) Delivered then not delivered on imessage problem

Solution to iMessage unable to send photos probelm:Resetting the network should work for most of users. 

Try these steps and it seemed to cure the issue:

First turn off iMessage - Settings - Messages
Then reset your network settings - Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings

After the iPhone restart, turn on your iMessage - Settings - Message

Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > make sure switch is ON (green side showing)

iMessage Still Not working. Try More doing below steps:

iphone 5 Can not send emails :email server does not allow relaying

Many users are facing the problem in using iphone email service. upgrading to new software is causing, sending an email always results in the error message "A copy has been placed in your outbox. The recipient "......@...." was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying.
Users are facing this problem after upgrade eg IPad software to V 4.X. This error is irrespective to email server.

There are diffrent tips to fix the email relaying error.
I have mentioned below four most working fix for email error ("server does not allow relaying")
Update outgoing Server

Add username and password at the outgoing mail server, even though the iPhone says these lines are "optional." I also changed the port # to 26. Worked great for many users

IPhone 5, enlarged big text, stucked on zoomed mode on Locked screen and other app. Few tips

This is one the problem that is faced by majorly iphone5 and iphone 6, 6s users.
Here are few steps that may help you:

For iphone stuck in zoomed problem:

For stuck zoomed problem, this Solution worked for many user's. Try triple-tapping the home button. If that does not do it, then after double-tapping with 3 fingers, then


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