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all new features of iOS 11 , quick look

New Apple File App for iphone and iPad:
The all new Files app brings all your files together. It will help you to manage browse all the files of your iphone/ipad at one place.
Apple have created a new dedicated place for your recent files so this would make it very easy to find specific files. The feature is extended to  iCloud Drive Box and Dropbox as well.
Drag and Drop (iPAD) Drag and Drop feature is developed by apple for iPad, allowing user to move text, photos and files across apps. It works great on large screen and gives amazing feeling while using.
More powerful Apple Pencil(iPAD)
With iOS 11 the iPAD pencil app will become more feature rich and easy to use. you can now show more creativity while using this feature.
Great enhancement to Apple Live Photos. Now Live Photos will be more controlling, expressive, creative. Apple is offering all new feature like Loops,Bounce,Long Exposure
The all-new App Store The App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to help you discover new apps…

iphone 6 Unable to share photos, says "There was an error while preparing to share”

The problem is reported by many Apple iphone, iPad  customer that they can't view or send photos, videos using any of share features on iOS 8. When the users try to do so iphone will pop up with error message "There was an error while preparing to share. Please try again later”. Before trying any solution make sure your iClound have enough space and even iphone/ipad have some extra space for doing the transfer.
Below are the lists of possible fixes for the issue that may help to fix the issue:

Android phone getting hot while charging

Your cellphone is continuously using battery to do a lots of things. Each software process in your phone will required different amount of energy in certain period. The phone defiantly will get warm when you use it for features that require a good deal of power. It also is normal for it to warm up while charging. However you should always try to avoid using phone while charging as it may result in excessive overheating. To fix these issue you may keep below mentioned point in mind while operating your cellphone:
The phone usually gets high temperature while doing work but sometimes it gets relatively a bit hotter.The reason for this can be ; 1.Lots of Background apps loading your phone.(more the number, more the heat) 2.Wifi and mobile data( keeping them on makes the phone hotter) 3.Location services being on always 4.Poor network signal, as phone will try harder for better singnal 5.   HotSpot for wifi use
How to Fix the battery overheating Issue:
Its not always that all above points are only…

How to fix Android phone Not Able To Send SMS issue

If you are not able to send SMS from your mobile phone of android operating software, even with good network then you may wish to try below possible fixes to solve the problems.But First thing that I would like to suggest is that you use someone else phone with your SIM card and try to send a text message. If the message still didn't go through, its not issue with the software but with network of android phone, so you need to contact customer care, they can help you as it clearly is a network issue. Fix for unable to send SMS from phoneRestart your Phone :
Turn off all connections, including GPS, WIFI, mobile network, etc. Now turn ON airplane mode and held the power button down and hit "Restart phone" and let it reboot. When it rebooted, check if all your failed sent messages automatically sent.
Reset your Network Settings and Message App: Then it reset the network settings in the phone. Goto->Settings->Backup and Rest -> Network Setting Rest-> Reset Settings  Now…

Android not able to answer calls, screen stuck frozen HELP

The call screenfrozen is reported in many android phones including all the big brands eg Nexus 5 , Samsung Galaxy, Ximoni redmi , Moto. The user is not able to answer call as screen does not response at the time. The user have reported this issue as intermittent but always create risk of losing some important calls. One user quote the problem as “When my phone rings while incoming calls, I am neither receive income calls nor disconnect it, the whole screen hangs off and tapping of anywhere on the screen doesn't work” Below mentioned tips may help you to fix frozen call screen on android phones or phone hanged on incoming call.Check notification settings for 'Dialler'This is to make sure that your dialer is configured properly.
Scroll down until you find App called 'Dialler' - check that "show notifications" tick box is ticked.
Set Up key for answering calls

Its more of workaround than actually fixing the issue. All you have t…

iphone 6 not charging sometimes

The reported problem over here is that many users face the problem of iphones not getting charged when connected to charging port. User have plugged it in to charge and iphone just all of sudden stopped charging. Finally the battery ran down until it died completely. There are simple way to charge the phone.
Fix iphone charging issue with iTunes sync
This is pretty much very effective way to solve iphone not charging issue. In this case, all you have to do is restoring your iPhone or iPad in iTunes. It can help you to remove bad bits that even a cannot be fixed by forced restart or iCloud restore Make sure to clean lighting cableIt can sometime any liquid or dirt that may result in hardware malfunction which gives interrupts to iphone charging. You must clean lightning cable contact ends with a Qtip and a high flash solvent such as acetone. Clean inside of plugin with a toothpick to remove any lint or other contaminants. In most cases phones charging dock is filled with lint where the co…

How to disable Cortana search box from window 10 Home edition SL

Windows Cortana is one of the most talked about feature in Windows 10. It  make you almost everything on Windows and also integrated with bing search engine. However many users are not liking it as it takes too much space in your task bar and user not habitual of it finds it annoying. As shown in the picture (highlighted red) it takes too much space in your Windows taskbar. Many Windows users find this as unnecessary icons on Taskbar as there were many places and shortcuts to use Search app user may use WIN + TAB keys together to toggle between software apps. So it becomes useless for many user and wasting space on Taskbar. In order to get away from Windows Cortana help you need to do following simple steps: Right-click on Taskbar and you'll get options to show or hide Search box, Search icon, Task View and Touch Keyboard buttons on Taskbar
Goto Serach->click on Hidden. The cortana will disappear from the task bar now. In case you want to see it again you can follow same steps and …

Android phone battery draining too fast

Many users are facing poor battery life of android phones after getting android software upgrade and facing very new problem of battery drainage. The drain in some cases is very severe and is reported to go down from 80% to 5% overnight. This is very essential for every phone user to use some battery saving tips to avoid these circumstances. I am going to explain below the real reasons and possible fixes for Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, or Google phone or tablet battery loss issue.
Tip 1: Restrict the background data
This is one of the main reasons for battery drainage specially after your android phone software upgrade some of the apps may got stuck to connect to their servers and in order to make sure so apps. Make sure you restrict the background data of individual apps from settings->data usage. This should will work and fix battery issue.
Tip 2: Turn off phone in case of weak signal If your cell phone signal is generally poor, so that can be probably the main reason. It doesn't…

How do i block NO CALLER ID calls on iPhone 6

Lots of customer are facing the annoying calls from unknown callers (can be spammers, telemarketers etc.)  They usually do not reveal their caller ID  and you will see an incomeing call with “No Caller ID” on screen. You may want to block but won’t be able to do it easily as you cannot possible identify the number of a caller before answering or putting directly them to Reject list in your iphone. These calls are also known as Anonymous, Private, or Blocked in some parts of the world. Since it is not easy to block this calls so requires a little work from your side.

Below are some quick tips or fixes to block unknown caller Id on iphone.Solution 1: User external apps. There is an app/website which offers the service like you forward your unknown calls or without caller id to them and they will forward the call back to you with the real number. It works for them because because they have a toll free number which gives them more billing information about the number calling.

incoming message makes no sound when iphone is locked

A very strange issue is reported on latest iphone 6 and 7s that  there are  No notification sounds for anything like SMS and iMessage received on iPhone 7 (iOS10.0.2) and other model with same software version of iOS. Some user cpomplaints that everything was working fine but there are no SMS and iMessage notification since software upgrading to iOS 10. Once user have reported “The issue is that sometimes there will be no sound or vibration or anything when I receive a message, I didn't hear any sound...there was just no notification's as if the phone was in DND (which it not the case).” Even user report a new issue while sent an iMessage to a sender that is email address only. In this situation also, phone never plays a sound, never vibrates...but you open up the lock screen and will find a new message banner sitting there. How to fix no notification sound issue on impacted iphones,Solution 1: Check DND settings and silent mode setting first please make sure if you have not set D…


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