all new features of iOS 11 , quick look


New Apple File App for iphone and iPad:
The all new Files app brings all your files together.  It will help you to manage browse all the files of your iphone/ipad at one place.

Apple have created a new dedicated place for your recent files so this would make it very easy to find specific files. The feature is extended to  iCloud Drive Box and Dropbox as well.

Drag and Drop (iPAD)
Drag and Drop feature is developed by apple for iPad, allowing user to move text, photos and files across apps. It works great on large screen and gives amazing feeling while using.

More powerful Apple Pencil(iPAD)

With iOS 11 the iPAD pencil app will become more feature rich and easy to use. you can now show more creativity while using this feature.

Great enhancement to Apple Live Photos.
Now Live Photos will be more controlling, expressive, creative. Apple is offering all new feature like Loops,Bounce,Long Exposure

The all-new App Store
The App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to help you discover new apps and games you can’t live without

More powerful Siri.

Two new features added to siri:
1)      Translation(Chinese, Spanish, French, German or Italian)
2)     Personal DJ: Synched with Apple Music, makes Siri more intelligent to play your music choice



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