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Fix iCloud stuck uploading downloading photos videos, “Preparing Your Library”

The problem is that iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.1) or other version have reported that while they try to upload photos to iCloud it is taking forever to upload the phots. iCloud Photo Library turned and Problem is that it is stuck Uploading eg 1,700 Items (3.45 GB of 7.90 GB). User reports that  iCloud has enough space and  worth of storage, but still the issue is happening. Even to make sure uploads works fine users are giving try with WiFi only.

Fix 1: Clean the Library First you should disable the iCloud Photo Library and then delete the remaining photos from your device. Once you disable iCloud photo library, the phone will give you a warning. Go and tap on “Remove from iPhone”. This is to make sure that your iphone library is empty After checking that library is empty and now again turn on the library.  The phone will now download the items from Cloud to your phone.
check by taking a photo on your iPhone. It should be uploaded to iCloud library at once.

Fix 2: Toggle iCloud In Settings ->Go t…

iphone 6 iMessage error #images says "Could not load results."

Many users are complaining that since upgrade to iOS 10.2, #images are not working in iphone and shows the error message says "Could not load results." Whenever tried to use it. Before the upgrade users were able to see and use the images and gifs but after the upgrade this error message started appearing. Please note that #images is ONLY available in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan. One user quoted the issue as “We have noticed that the gif/#images search has stopped working.  All searches result in "No results for "xxxxxx"" message on screen.  Searches that previously yielded results no longer work so this is not an issue with what I am searching for.  No initial suggestions are even loaded.My friend who is using an iPhone6 is having exactly the same issue today.” Adding to this many users have reported that restoring the phone using various methode did not resolved the issues for them. However …

Latest news about iphone 8, specification price and new features

On its 10th anniversery in 2017, iPhones have all looked the same for so long now, it’s perfectly understandable that Apple fans are fixating on the iPhone 8’s new design with some cool features like Wireless charging, facial recognition technology, flexible plastic OLED display. 
Below are List of some cool feature that are set to release in new iphone 8 :
5.8" OLED displayFaster A11 processorGlass bodyEdge-to-edge displayFacial Recognition, perhaps replacing Touch IDNo Home buttonWireless chargingThree models - One OLED, two standardSuper-fast charging via USB-C connectionEnhanced water resistance or waterproofingHigher quality earpiece for louder, clearer audioApple's next-generation processor (the A10X or A11)Support for the Apple PencilPriced between$850 and $1,200iphone price in india is expected to be around 80-90k.Release date of iphone8:
iPhone 8 reveal date to be either Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday, September 13.

The iPhone 8 is perhaps Apple most anticipated pho…

iPhone 6 all SMS/iMessage Disappear after ios10 upgrade, but still show up in Storage

May user complain that pictures and thousands of important iMessage/ SMS are gone suddenly from iphone device. However in storage settings and they are still taking up the same amount of space meaning that they are still in the device but not visible. The users who are stuck on this messages disappeared from iPhone 7/6s/6/5 problem confirmed that they have not deleted anything  from iPhone, and iPhone deleted or erased messages by itself, but while making some operation this happened. For some user the problem happed after upgradint the iphone to iOS10 and all message disappeared from device. To fix the problem please first go through the General steps: •             Restart your iOS/iphonee. •             Force restart you iOS device. (Just hold on both of Home and Sleep/Wake buttons intil apple logo appears) •             Turn off iMessage and then turn on. (Settings > Messages) •             Log out iCloud account and then log in. (Settings > iCloud) •             Reset netw…

Iphone 6 6s location service not turning off, greyed out

Since updating the iphone  to iOS 10.3 have noticed that the "setting time zone" feature is not working as expected. User are not ableto turn off the location service which is eventually also casing very quick battery  drain  as well. The broken feature is draining iphone 6 and 6s battery like crazy and has been since the update. Sometime the location service is  turned off, however, it is still being used (grey location services icon) User have tried following settings as well but with no success. To fix the location service issue below are few steps that you might work upon:

Fix 1 Turn on the restriction: Check, if the "allow changes" was ticked in settings and still it didn't work. Then disable restrictions in settings and the location services should allowed to turn it off as it should no longer be greyed out. Then you can reset my restrictions and everything was back to normal. Go to Restrictions > Share My Location. change it to Allow to change "Allow…

not able to sync ringtones in iphone, Ringtones don't appear in iPhone after sync

Some user are facing problem majorly with iOS7/8 that after creating a new ring tone of .m4r tone ,~25 seconds long -> got it into iTunes(  plays well). In itunes Checked the box for tones sync, and also synced music at the same time. Once sync is successfully done new Ringtone won't show up in sounds options of iphone Even after doing multiple sync with iTunes it does not works. To fix the ringtone issue you should try below steps:
Fix 1: Rename the file:Renamed both the file and the song to just one word and try to sync again, this may work for you.
Fix 2: Music library issueTry to delete the AAC version you created in your music library on itunes. Then, go to the ringtones section under your iphone and deselect to sync, then when it's finished select it to sync all ringtones again.
Fix 3: Artist name :From the RINGTONES menu under LIBRARY (If it's not listed under library, you can show it by going to EDIT > PREFERENCES), right click on the ringtone name, and click GET…

Iphone 7 plus camera black screen or blurry Fix

Many iphone 7 and 7 plus users with iOS version 10.1 are seeing a very annolying issue where iphone 7 camera issue is causing camera screen to go completely black. Sometimes the user have even reported that camera is going blurry and not able to focus properly.

The issue with iphone camera black when you open it: - the iphone screen with camra is black/almost black/blurry - switching between the front and back cameras does not makes any difference - the yellow square (auto-focus) flickers rapidly and sometimes pulses slowly - the issue happens in an unpredictable way. It not always occurring and can happen anytime. - With issue its impossible to take photos
Troubleshooting steps you've done:   - On iPhone 7/7plus: Reset All Settings   - On iPhone 7/7plus: Erase All Content and Settings   - using iTunes: Restore iPhone and setup as new   - On iTunes: Restore iPhone (Recovery mode) and setup as new   - Make sure  not to restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup! Even after trying the trouble shoot…

iphone camera makes no shutter sound on photo click

This iphone help article is created to fix the problem when iphone makes no sound while photo click. The sound issue in iphone is not a uniform in occurrence across different iphone 6/6s models. For some users first photo shot from the camera that they took, there is no sound in iphone 6 however for subsequent shots, then there will be. For other user the iphone camera sound does not work at all while clicking some photographs. However other sound feature like iphone video sound etc will work fine. Before fixing anything else first please make sure you have turned off silent mode or turn on sound on camera's setting. To fix the iphone 6s no sound issue below are the possible fix.

Fix 1: Turn off live photo In case you want ot take Live Photos than there will be no shutter sound.  If you really want shutter sound you must first turn off Live Photos Once you turn off the live button on the IPhone camera, sound will work on iphone.

Fix  2: Try to do setting reset. Settings -  General - …

iPhone safari virus, remove malware, pop-ups, text enhance and ads

This article will help you to get rid of apple iphone virus or malware on iphone, the problem will created a lots of trouble to you and every time you open a webpage in safari a pop up will come and will take you to all new place may be creepy website or some download page. These malware are always irritating while using your iphone may risk your apple device from many virus attacks. The problem could be due to unknowingly downloading malware stuff by visiting some bad sites or trying to access some free videos from unauthentic websites. For safari malware removal you may try below possible fix in your iphone or Apple mac device.
Fix1: Clear website data:
1. Going to Settings/Safari. 2. Selected Advanced 3. Selected Website Data 4. Scrolled to bottom of Website Data and selected "Remove All Website Data". 5. Going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
Open Settings Safari and clears websites and data. Then do a Reboot by holding power button & menu button ho…

iCloud Can't load Photos Error

Many users are facing the problem while accessing their phots on iCloud. While accessing the iCloud library user are getting can't load the photo error and after that there are no photos.

To fix the icloud issue you should try below possible solution: Fix 1: Go to mac settings > turn off icloud (remove all icound items from your mac device and logout from icloud) In your account and go on the main pictures folder you will find a Photos folder with nearly the same icon as the photos application and throw it in the trash. Open the mac settings -> Now turn icloud back to ON state Turn on every item you had so that it will be the same. open the photos application and it will automatically ask you to create a new library. Go back to the settings and tick every box in the photos from the icloud. Done  This way it helped me to fix the issue.
Fix2: Check if your iPhone storage is getting full.  The iPhone needs about 3-4 GB of storage of free space to function smoothly. To check your iphone s…

iphone 6/7 : iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

If for any reason you are seeing the message on your iphone that “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes” then there is probably no way it can be unlocked from phone itself.  So if your iphone is disabled and asking to connect to iTunes than for sure you will have to opt for apple recovery mechanism i.e. using iTunes or iCloud. This will erase the data and you will have to restore the data from backup. Doing this from iTunes is very easy as it is simple and trouble free. If you want to use iCloud you should have Apple ID and password with you. So, iTunes seems to be simpler.
But before jumping to use these steps I would like to discuss aneasy workaround or tips to fix “iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTune” issue:
First Connect your iphone to iTunes
Right Click on iPhone-on left pane
Click on Backup
It will say "iphones is locked with passcode, please try again later"
Now this time you should be able to enter your screen lock passcode of iphone.
Enter your passcode and then It will Unlo…

iphone 6s/7 music starts playing by itself

The issue is iPhone 6+,7 across different apple iOS versions all of sudden the music starts playing in the iPhone. It is just annoying at this seems to happen at any place may be while in meeting or driving a car.  If you are too facing the problem you may wish to try below steps.
Fix 1: Defaulty Headphones If so the remote in the headphones is acting up. Is the problem occurring only when the Headphones are plugged in, If so the remote in the headphones is doing the action. If the controller of your phone is not in contact with anything and still you are seeing the issue it could be an internal fault in headphones? Suggest you to simply buying a new pair. Fix2: Change App settingIt’s a Possible solution: Suggested App may result in opening the music app so better you try to Turn off "Suggested Apps". To turn off app suggestions, you can do this by going to Settings -> General -> Handoff -> turn off switch labelled "handoff" or 'Installed Apps'. Fix 3…


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