iCloud Can't load Photos Error

Many users are facing the problem while accessing their phots on iCloud. While accessing the iCloud library user are getting can't load the photo error and after that there are no photos.

To fix the icloud issue you should try below possible solution:
Fix 1:
Go to mac settings > turn off icloud (remove all icound items from your mac device and logout from icloud)
In your account and go on the main pictures folder you will find a Photos folder with nearly the same icon as the photos application and throw it in the trash.
Open the mac settings -> Now turn icloud back to ON state
Turn on every item you had so that it will be the same. open the photos application and it will automatically ask you to create a new library.
Go back to the settings and tick every box in the photos from the icloud. Done 
This way it helped me to fix the issue.

Check if your iPhone storage is getting full.  The iPhone needs about 3-4 GB of storage of free space to function smoothly. To check your iphone storage space available under settings>general>manage storage>usage.  Delete some unwanted photos/videos/cache data and try again

Fix 3:
Make sure you have set up setting to 'allow cellular connection'. and your connection should be quite fast. A slow connection can cause the error from iCloud.
In some cases it can be issue with iCloud server. If the server is down you can check later and should work.

To check the status of apple servers  https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/



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