DNS Services using too much high cellular data with iOS 10

Many  users are facing problem of Excessive mobile data (cellular data) usage. After the iOS upgrade with normal operation the users are seeing high data usage of cellular data. The data usage increase is reported to be from 100 Mb/day to 1GB/day. At the same time it is very annoying because eats iphone battery. On close debug the problem is seems to be increase in DNS request with iOS10. 466Mb of DNS requests are something like 5 billion requests.
Some user tried to do network reset but did not help and iOS 10 consuming mass quantities of data issue persisted.

What is the DNS high data excessive usage problem and how to fix it:

The problem is with Apple iCloud. iCloud now syncs to all devices the desktop and documents folders. The feature is great but it will also sync your MacBook data with your iPhone.

In new release by Apple, there is a switch on iOS 10 "Use Cellular Data" that is ON by default. So if you put some heavy file on any Apple device, desktop, that file will synce to your iPhone using cellular data
Turned cellular data off, exvcessive data usage would stop.
1.       Go to Setting
2.      Settings->iCloud->iCloud Drive
3.      Scroll Down, until you find out the “Use Cellular Data” option
4.      Turn it off

Hope this worked for you.



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