Fix iCloud stuck uploading downloading photos videos, “Preparing Your Library”

The problem is that iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.1) or other version have reported that while they try to upload photos to iCloud it is taking forever to upload the phots. iCloud Photo Library turned and Problem is that it is stuck Uploading eg 1,700 Items (3.45 GB of 7.90 GB). User reports that  iCloud has enough space and  worth of storage, but still the issue is happening. Even to make sure uploads works fine users are giving try with WiFi only.

Fix 1: Clean the Library
First you should disable the iCloud Photo Library and then delete the remaining photos from your device. Once you disable iCloud photo library, the phone will give you a warning. Go and tap on “Remove from iPhone”. This is to make sure that your iphone library is empty
After checking that library is empty and now again turn on the library.  The phone will now download the items from Cloud to your phone.

check by taking a photo on your iPhone. It should be uploaded to iCloud library at once.

Fix 2: Toggle iCloud
In Settings ->Go to-> program Photos-> preferences->icloud-> clicked paused for 1 or 2 day->then close the  program. Now goto->system preferences-> icloud,   and turn off icloud for 2 seconds, then turn back on. Now it should be able to checked iphoto library.

Fix 3 : Factory Reset
This solution is quite effective for many user to enable icloud to upload photos.

Connect iphone to computer (using iTunes). Make sure you have latest version of iTunes. Do a BACKUP of your iphone. Then RESTORE to factory condition. When prompted, make sure you don't set up the iphone as a new phone but rather use your backup tp restore from backup.



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