Iphone 6 6s location service not turning off, greyed out

Since updating the iphone  to iOS 10.3 have noticed that the "setting time zone" feature is not working as expected. User are not ableto turn off the location service which is eventually also casing very quick battery  drain  as well. The broken feature is draining iphone 6 and 6s battery like crazy and has been since the update. Sometime the location service is  turned off, however, it is still being used (grey location services icon) User have tried following settings as well but with no success. To fix the location service issue below are few steps that you might work upon:

Fix 1 Turn on the restriction:
Check, if the "allow changes" was ticked in settings and still it didn't work. Then disable restrictions in settings and the location services should allowed to turn it off as it should no longer be greyed out.
Then you can reset my restrictions and everything was back to normal.
Go to Restrictions > Share My Location.
change it to Allow to change "Allow Changes".
then go to Privacy > Location service.
you will find it enabled to change.

Fix 2 ,Nightshift settings:

Some users found the problem dut to  setting of Night Shift to off; my guess is the engineers linked Night Shift to a roving world clock instead of whatever time is set on the individual product, perhaps to get the EXACT time right in case you have Night Shift activated for sunsets.



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