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Iphone how to delete or remove a "person" album in photos

In new feature of iOS 10 Apple has added Person/people photo album to find out a person related photos. If you have taken a group photo the people album will help to find out the person(using  facial recognition) for you in that photo. For some users this feature seems to be useless and want to get rid from People album feature.  To remove this feature you can try below steps:
Hide a People Album in Photos on iPhone Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Navigate to the Album tab of Photos and open your People album. Tap Select in the upper right corner. Tap the person’s album that you want to hide.
this will move the  folder into the hidden folder section. If you want to forget that their folder is there at all, tap Show Less
How to delete the people album Note: You can’t delete albums that Photos creates for you, such as People, Places, and Selfies. you can delete the name from the People album and change it back to "Unnamed" or remove all persons from it by using the command &…

stop iMessage fom creating duplicate thread for message

Have you encountered a problem where iMessage have started all new thread to same person while the first one is still active, in Apple iOS software version iOS 8. This iMessage forked/multiple message chain is very annoying as this happens for groups aslo and its not very sure which thread will receive the message. So whenever anyone in any of my group messages changes then name, or adds a person or changes anything in the group message, it splits into multiple group messages and some messages go into both. 
Fix 1: change setting of iMessage You can fix the issue by going iIn settings, go to messages, scroll down and make sure Group Messaging is enabled.  Please check now, if it does not worls.. Have tried deleting the conversation and then sending the group a new message to start it back up. This worked for many users.
Fix 2: iMessage send & Receive On your Mac: Open iMessages. Click Messages > Preferences > Accounts and choose your desired address in the “Start new conversations…

iPhone 6 camera photos load up in grey [Solved]

In an iPhone 6/6s running iOS 10.x/iOS 12, when user took some photos and was able to view the thumbnail in camera roll. However when the user tapped  to open the photo, the photo flashed up for 1 second, and then its quickly replaced by a grey box or gray screen. It seems that iphone camera roll greyed out and iphones photo got corrupt showing grey boxes in the picture.This is happening for every image taken with the iPhone Camera app (iPhoto) since then. I tried to restart my phone and it doesn't help. If you try to send the pictures across to any other iphone device still the receiver won’t be able to see your picture and it will be greyed out or black. Even When tried syncing the photos to my computer and they still show up as gray boxes on the computer.  The pictures appear in preview on Photos on my Mac but upon import are grey again. Restarting the iphone or even taking restoring from backup won’t seems to fix the issue.

Interestingly it has been observed by some users that …

iPhone 5/6/7 Not able to attach photo videos to text message or iMessage

Apple customer very often uses text message or imessage feature to send the photos or videos to dear ones. But some users have complaints that they are not able to use send photo feature with text messages or imessage .However they were able to send photos from their iphone using imessage  before the ios 8.2 upgrade to to iOS9.3.1. Customer have tried every common troubleshoot eg hard reset, network reset, check data connection etc but the problem still persists. How do I fix “not able to attach photos  or videos from message app in iphone” when can't add photos to text messages like I use to?

Here is the solution: First Go to settings>> Messages>> check to make sure MMS is on.

Now Go to->Settings > Photos & Camera > There should be 2 options "Optimize iPhone Storage" & "Download and Keep Originals", I had the Optimize iPhone Storage checked, and once I switched it to Download and Keep Originals, I was able to attach my pictures from m…

5 ways to fix - Cannot connect to iPhone Hotspot

Personal hotspot is one of the greatest and coolest feature that comes with iphone but sometimes the users are having an issue at work and can't connect to iphone hotspot. Customers are successful in hotspotting to iPads/Apple product but when try to connect to Windows PC the hotspot won’t work and failing to connect to iphone hotspot from windows 10, sometimes it shows as connected but there is no internet connection; no web or email access. Sometimes the problem is like have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8 the iPad connects to the iPhone 6 but then disconnects almost immediately. To fix the issue "iphone not able to connect to its hotspot from PC"try below fixes:

Fix #1.  Change Name of iphone Hotpsot Changing the name of my iPhone so it didn't have an apostrophe ()in it worked for me.  Simply changed the iPhone 6 hotspot Wi-Fi password and it started working.
Fix #2: Turn of LTE data Try to turn off  your LTE data or change it to Data only it will work Settings>Celluar

Siri can’t hear me iPhone 7

Lots of user are complaining that their new iphone 7 or 6s which were ealier able to give command from Siri and Sir was responding to it. But after someday they they found that Siri is not working and can't get siri to hear me. Actually when we press the home button to summon siri, the wave line moves a lot as if it was receiving a lot of noise and then goes off as if didn't recognize anything.  This is surprising that Siri only works with headphones, but when once remove the earpods, siri cannot hear me  neither the dictation works. So if we talk in details for different combination Take iphone close to ear-> Siri works fine. Use Earbud with  iphone Siri work. Use Bluetooth ->Siri works. But if you use the Home button Siri does not seem to work.

General trouble shoot would be to make sure that: 1.Siri is setp up properly and activated 2.Hard Reboot the set and check if this fixed the issue. 3.Set the volume of Siri high. 4.Turn off DND. Check  it works ! 5.Restore the iphone …

iPhone 7 /X/8 gets stuck at Call screen,.not able to end the call

There are problem reported with Apple iphone that iphone 5s, 6 stuck on call ending. Even on iPhone 7 and iPhone X/8, Running iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 11. the problem is reported by the user that iphone 7 freezes when calling. Recently bought iPhone 7 gets stuck on the call screen. There is no ringing sound, no sound from the person on the other side of the call. Home Buttons, as well as Lock Screen Buttons, becomes ineffective. User will have to wait until the person on the other end hangs up the call. iPhone frozen on calls and the buttons become unresponsive. The issue is very concerning, especially on a new iPhone. Sometimes only thing you have is to hard reboot to recover from frozen screen of iphone bug. I will recommend reinstalling the iOS with iTunes or iCloud however the chances are that the fix would be temporary.

Fix 1 :  If your using a different sim card/carrier to that when you first activated the phone try this Update your carrier settings on your iPhone or iPad Carrier settin…

Why my iPhone 6 is using speaker by default for all incoming calls fix

The issue is with iphone 6 and above with iOS8 onward that every time the users tries to make or receive a call from his/her iphone then call automatically goes to loudspeaker. User will have to turned it off during a call manually, but for the next call the same problem persists:
How to fix iphone loudspeaker call issue:
First lets see "why iphone uses speaker to answer the calls" Actullay the iPhone starts speaker while on call if user ear is far away from it, which is controlled by proximity sensor. If it detects that the iphone(which has a call) is not near to the ear, it would start the speaker for the call. Sometimes this happens when you push the earpiece even a little bit out of its range; therefore you have to place it close or on your ear.

If you find this feature annoying you can turn of the feature by following these steps to turn off the settings. with IOS 8.1.3
Go to Setting/General/Accesibility/Interaction/Call Audio Routing/Set to Headset not Automatic or speaker…

how to Save photos from email to iphone in iOS10

Under iOS 9 there was an option to save all images in an email at once. But this save image feature disappears in iphone/ipad with iOS10 and it becomes a question to many users that “how to save pictures from email on iphone”. In iOS 10 this option is still there but available only after pressing a picture for some time. However it is noticed that not all pictures are saved. You may many emails with multiple pictures, while saving only part is saved and some are not. The situation becomes more frustrating when you have multiple images to save in  iOS 10 on iPhone 6 with emails containing multiple images, the save all images button is there, but it only saves a couple to the photo album. Regardless of how many images are included within the email, it only saves one at a time. To save pictures in iphone 7 please use below mentioned steps:

Solution 1: how "save image" is done under iOS 10:  1) go to the email with the photo(s) you want. 2) press very lightly on the first photo for…

iPhone 7 plus stuck on black screen with spinning wheel

In iOS 10, iphone is sometimes getting affected with black screen issue also known as iphone 7 black screen of death. The issues below have only occurred since upgrading to iOS 10. It will show Random black screen with spinning wheel. The issue is also reported for iphone 6s in which case after upgrading to IOS 10, freezes on lock screen fadeout with spinning data whee. For some users the issue is even more serious as got increasingly worse, showing the black screen/wheel for about 15 seconds almost every hour. This very annoying as iphone 7 plus stuck on apple logo.

Fix 1: Simple fix Power + Volume Down - held simultaneously. The screen should power off almost immediately. Connect your iPhone to the computer. It should have made your iphone recover from frozen black spinning wheel. In case it has not your may continue with below steps: . Go to . Click Find iPhone . Since the phone is powered off already, it won't be able to locate it. Click DEVICES on the upper bar. . Cl…

iCloud errorThis email address is not available for use as an Apple ID

The issue faced by iphone users while changing their email id for icloud account with existing secondary emails and they face the error message apple id this email address is not available choose a different address.Sometimes the users are prompted to verify your email address.Using secondary email Id to create the Apple iCloud ID blocks the Apple ID creation process.

So when you are trying to change the Apple ID email it will say  "This email address is not available. Choose a different address." This email address is not available for use as an Apple ID. You may already have an Apple ID associated with this address. Please try again or sign in using your existing Apple ID.
In order to fix the issue you can try below solutions:
Fix 1: Remove email from secondary Please check if the email addresses you are using are secondary to some other emailId which is registered at Apple. In this case remove the email Id from secondary and then you should be  able to create a new icloud ac…

iPhone Personal Hotspot turned on automatically in iOS10

It’s been an issue in new iPhone mode that iPhone hotspot is getting automatically turned on. On the iphone 6 and iOS 10 onwards when we have "Personal Hotspot" deactivated other devices (MacBook & iPod) which were added earlier can still see the personal hotspot listed in their Wi-Fi settings and they then chose the hotspot to connect, iphone automatically activates "Personal Hotspot". 
This seems like a serious security hole. Because of the Instant Hotspot "feature", the Personal Hotspot will automatically turn back on, thus incurring unnecessary charges and uncontrolled usage by kids as ipad automatically connect to personal hotspot. One user reported the problem as “It is a bit of an issue for me. For example, I am working with someone who I temporarily let tether to my iPhone but I don't want to let them permanently tether. Once I allow them to tether, they essentially have permanent access to tether to my device. Even if I change the hotspot …


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