5 ways to fix - Cannot connect to iPhone Hotspot

Personal hotspot is one of the greatest and coolest feature that comes with iphone but sometimes the users are having an issue at work and can't connect to iphone hotspot. Customers are successful in hotspotting to iPads/Apple product but when try to connect to Windows PC the hotspot won’t work and failing to connect to iphone hotspot from windows 10, sometimes it shows as connected but there is no internet connection; no web or email access. Sometimes the problem is like have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8 the iPad connects to the iPhone 6 but then disconnects almost immediately. To fix the issue "iphone not able to connect to its hotspot from PC"try below fixes:

Fix #1.  Change Name of iphone Hotpsot
Changing the name of my iPhone so it didn't have an apostrophe ()in it worked for me.  Simply changed the iPhone 6 hotspot Wi-Fi password and it started working.

Fix #2: Turn of LTE data
Try to turn off  your LTE data or change it to Data only it will work

Fix#3: Change Window PC Settings
After applying all windows updates to the laptop

Fix #4: Change your windows PC settings:
First make sure that you have updated your laptop or computer to all the updates. If you are still not able to connect to iphone hotspot try below steos
1. Go to Power Options
2. Change Plan Settings
3. Change Advanced Power Settings
4. Expand "Wireless Adapter Settings"

5. Expand "Power Saving Mode"
6. Change on battery AND Plugged in to "Maximum Performance"
After doing all these changes you should be able to work with iphone hotspot flawlessly.

Fix #5: Restart Network Settings and iphone
Restart your cellular data connection and network settings.

            Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings



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