how to Save photos from email to iphone in iOS10

Under iOS 9 there was an option to save all images in an email at once. But this save image feature disappears in iphone/ipad with iOS10 and it becomes a question to many users that “how to save pictures from email on iphone”. In iOS 10 this option is still there but available only after pressing a picture for some time. However it is noticed that not all pictures are saved. You may many emails with multiple pictures, while saving only part is saved and some are not. The situation becomes more frustrating when you have multiple images to save in  iOS 10 on iPhone 6 with emails containing multiple images, the save all images button is there, but it only saves a couple to the photo album. Regardless of how many images are included within the email, it only saves one at a time. To save pictures in iphone 7 please use below mentioned steps:

Solution 1: how "save image" is done under iOS 10: 
1) go to the email with the photo(s) you want.
2) press very lightly on the first photo for a second or two.
A pop-up then shows two rows of icons...
The first row includes Message, Mail, Twitter, Add to Memo, etc.
The 2nd row includes Assign to Contact, Copy, Print, Add to iCloud Drive, etc.
3) Swipe left on this 2nd row, scrolling until you see Save Image, and Save (# of photos in the email) Images.
4) Tap on Save Image
Your photo is now saved to your camera roll.

Solution 2: save images in safari browser

For iphone user in safari browser: In web there is no quick look option. You now have to Open in New Tab. Now the hold menu includes Save Image. Press that button and you should be able to save your photos in download folder or library. Close the tab.



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