Apple maps not showing my favorites location, disappeared

There is a problem reported by many Apple maps user that their saved favourite location just disappeared all of a sudden from the maps A users had created about 80 location in the maps which were shown for few days normally but one day all maps location were missing. When the user again adds the location, the issue reoccurs again after few days. This seems to very poor side of Apple maps as one side Apple is launching its new “Apple Map Connect” while its function are suffering from many bugs. Some users have face the problem when they use carPlay app, all the times time when connect phone to Car Play now, the favourite are gone. This appears to be a bug or fault from apple side however do have some possible workaround to fix the missing maps favourite locations.

1.       Apple server Issue: The problem could be in apple server which are not letting your phone know your favourite location. In this case please wait for some time/days and check if the location loads back in your phone.
2.      Take backup : If that doesn't get your favourites back, you can try restoring a recent backup from when you still had these favourites. Restore from backup :
3.     Fix for CarPlay issue: if you are facing the issue while using the carPlay app, you can try below workaround:
 -Connect the phone to Car Play
-open Maps (no favourites)
-leave phone connected and close Maps on the phone
-Re-open Maps from Car Play
-Favourites come back!!!
-Please do carefully as it is a distraction while driving but much less so.

4.     If you have too much trouble due to this issue you can use Google Maps for doing all the work.
5. We will suggest you to take backup of your location in notes apps, just in case the problem is reoccurring again and again. The issue seems to be clearly from Apple side however there are official statements made Apple in this regards but a fix from apple is much awaited as this is creating many troubles to apple iphone users.


CaroSunnyside said…
Delete the maps app and then Reinstall maps app.

I was able to recover my maps favorites !!! so relieved!


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