Lost Password to iPhone Backup, "Enter the Password to unlock your iPhone Backup"

Sometimes the iphone users are facing the issue while restoring the iPhone from back up iTunes asking for password to restore backup. Once you start the back process your will be interrupted by message “ Enter The Password to Unlock Your iPhone Backup”, But might be clueless even though you have entered any password for while taking backup or even asked by iTunes to enter a password. The problem is very annoying as itunes asks for a password to unlock a backup that you never set. Even if user tries with the current password of iTune in the result you will get that the password you entered to unlock your iphone backup was incorrect. Due to this users are unable to restore the iphone as they can't remember itunes backup password. Indeed I have seen many frustrated users asking for their password eg i forgot my encrypted iphone backup password
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Can’t remember itunes backup password.
ITunes backup asking password issue.

Error message
Error Message

This seems to be very challenging and important to get password to unlock iphone backup. Therefore before we know the fix lets understand what caused encrypt iphone backup password :
So if you have an encrypted backup ("Encrypt Backup" is checked in Tunes) it is encrypted. This is the only way iphone backup became encrypted and asking for password that was never set. You should note htat  the password is more than a password; it is the encryption key, and is saved in the encrypted backup and the iOS device. There seems to be no direct way to bypass or ignore the encryption, except to enter the correct passcode.
How to fix itunes asking for password to restore backup, can't remember iphone backup password

Solution 1 : Try all your old passwords
If you are sure that you have  never set password for backup try with old passwords that you remember, if you are lucky you will get it back fine.

Solution 2 : Reset iTunes backup
Try to reset the iTunes password and try to back up after that it worked.  For some users old iTunes password did not work but after resetting the password the new one seems to work fine.

Solution 3 : Trick to set encrypt password for iphone backup
You had never set a password, but it kept asking for one when  tried to restore from backup “Enter The Password to Unlock Your iPhone Backup”, to fix it
Plug in phone to your PC
Click on the iPhone icon near upper right hand corner of screen
Click on the summary tab on the screen
Under "Backups" click the box "Encrypt iPhone backup", this will prompt you to create a password, which will then work when you go to restore again.
Even though you had never selected to encrypt in the past, it still prompts for a password - simply go in and create the password, then you can use it!!

Solution 4 : Try Exchange account password
If you have a corporate Exchange account set up on your phone this will make enforce policies requiring encrypted backups. If that's the case, try your Exchange password.

Solution 5: Try your Computer Password
What worked for many users is their computer password , if it does not then unplug the iphone and plug it back in and put the computer's password it will work.

Solution 6: Use third party software (At your risk)
1. Download the following software:  elcomsoft
2. After installation use the provide serial to register or the program will only give you half the password
3. I used the brute attack numbers fom 0-9 five dights
4. Got my password in like 4 secs. "5842"
5. Where this number came from I have no idea, maybe an old password?
6. Always scan all down loads with anti-virus before opening


Anonymous said…
Solution #3 totally solved my issue! Basically I set a backups password, and then, voila! I was all set. Thank You!!!
Thakur said…
Good to hear that...


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