iCloud Keyboard Shortcuts does NOT SYNC between Apple devices

Having different apple devices like iphone. Macbook and iPAD, Apple do provide a feature like text replacement from shortcut you have made. The shortcut are synched to Apple server on iCloud. Although the feature was introduced in iOS 7 software but the failed text shortcut sync is appearing more after upgrade to iOS 10. Below are few fixed for the text sync issue in iphone:

Fix 1 : iCloud refresh
Disable iCloud on the iPad mini and re-enable it. Please check after an hour it your text shortcuts are synching again.
Fix 2: Create new user on Apple device
Create a new user in MacBook Pro and then sync again and check if everything worked. This has been reportedly working for many users.
Fix 3: Update Text menu

Write down your current Text Expansion shortcuts (take a screenshot, use Grab, etc.).
Sign out of iCloud on your iOS device.
On your Mac, go to System Preferences>iCloud>Manage..., select "TextInput" from the left-hand column, and then click "Delete Documents and Data" (see the screenshot below)
Go to Keyboard>Text. Verify that your shortcuts are correct. Add and/or delete one to generate a sync with iCloud.
 Log back into iCloud on your iOS device. This should fix text sync issue among Apple devices.



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