iphone 6 show my caller id not working grayed out, FIX

Some iphone suser have been complaining that even after change carrier ID enabled by the carrier they are not able to do it as show my caller ID setting grayed out and can’t be changed. The issue is annoying as the user is not able to toggle between the show my caller Id option on and off. Even in the new model of Apple iphone, show my caller id iphone 6 not working. To fix the my caller id issue please try below steps.

Fix 1:
make sure you have all apps closed before next steps.
-Go to Settings, Phone, Show My Caller ID. (if button is Greyed Out)
-Pull down Control Centre & Turn On Airplane Mode & return to Show My Caller ID screen.
-Now slide your screen from right to left taking you to another screen, then slide back to your Show My Caller ID screen.
-Now You Can turn ON or OFF your Caller ID Button.
-Lastly slide down you Control Centre again and Turn OFF your Airplane Mode.
That’s it Job done.

Fix 2:
Go to Settings>Airplane Mode and turn Airplane Mode "ON".
Now go to Settings>Phone>Show My Caller ID, still greyed out? If not, turn it on.
Go back to Settings>Airplane Mode and turn Airplane Mode "OFF".

Hope, this should fix show my caller id greyed out iphone 6


Anonymous said…
I tried this technique, did not work at all and I tried taking it to my carrier/provider, no help!
Kathir said…
I also tried it did not work. Once we select airplane mode, I am unable to go to Show my Called ID screen.
Kathir said…
It did not work for me also. Once I select Airplane mode, I cannot go to go to Show my Caller ID screen. The whole phone setting is greyed out
Anonymous said…
It happened but for a while then it set back.what should I do?


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