iphone text message forwarding not working says “No Activation Code on Mac”

While trying to setup Text Message Forwarding between iPhone  and MBP. Both Mac and iPhone are running in the same network with same iCloud account, but when try to enable it on the iPhone it asks me to enter a code that's shown on the Mac, but nothing shown there says “No Activation Code on Mac”
The problem you would faced is that you will not receive any activation code on your Mac even sure about setting everything correctly. Seems like an Apple device issue with send and receive. Please try below steps to fix, text message forwarding code not appearing on mac

Fix 1: iMessage Setting
Go to your iPhone Messages settings and turn off iMessages and turn it on again. Then go to the iMessages Settings on your Mac and do the same. After that it worked for me. Also make sure to activate your telephone number in the iMessages settings on your Mac.

Fix 2: Restart iCloud

Please restart everything a few times & sign in and out of iCloud. Check again.

Fix 3: Apple id check
To make the option Text Message Forwarding appear in Messages iOS Settings. It will only appear if you are signed in with the same apple id address on both of your devices IN iMESSAGES specifically. So test with following settings:
On iPad: Settings>Messages>Send and Receive> check your apple id address.
On Mac: Messages>Preferences> check apple id adress
On iPhone do the same thing just sign out and sign back in with the address that you are signed in with on your iPad and/or Mac. After that i got the Text Message Forwarding option on the iPhone, turned it on, received a code on my Mac, and entered it on my iPhone.

Fix 4:  Mobile number setting:

The key is that all the devices need to have the mobile number checked off in Messages.  On the iPad, under Settings/Messages/Send & Receive, make sure that "You can be reached by iMessage at" has the check mark next to your mobile number.  Then activate "Text Message Forwarding" on the iPhone side.



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