iOS 11 auto brightness not working in iphone

So with the release of new Apple iOS, many users are having issues with auto brightness in iOS 11. The auto brightness feature of iPhone doesn’t seem to work properly. When using the iPhone in broad day light he iPhone screen will stay dim or  in darkness, it gets way too dark. Sometimes the users find that screen brightness suddenly changed its intensity (dimmer light) to a intense brightness. This may appear to be a software bug in the new iOS 11 design which is causing it. All kind of models including iPhone 5s,6s and 7 are affected by this.
So clearly there are two issues being faced in iphone Auto-Brightness feature:
1.       The phone Auto brightness not working at all.
2.      Sudden unexpected changes in the iPhone auto brightness.
Below are few fix for auto brightness in iOS 11

Fix 1: Check Auto brightness settings
As you may be aware that the setting for auto brightness has been changed to below location, so please check if auto brightness is still checked on. Some times due to sofrware update the settings may get changed.
Go to-> Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto-Brightness to ON.

Fix 2: Reduce white point
Go into settings and on the same screen you control brightness, turn off Reduce White Point, it seems to help a bit. After doing this you may observe noticeable change in brightness feature.

Go to-> Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations->Reduce while point to OFF



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