Iphone watch out "Warning Virus Detected"

Many iPhone users while working on safari, finds that a pop on the screen came up and says that that a virus corrupted my phone making pictures, banking and social media functions compromised and need to call this number 1-844-423-2464 claiming Apple Support to fix the problem. Sometimes the pop will say something like “Warning Virus Detected” or “we have detected 3 viruses”, click on some link to fix this or call at some number. It is quit surprising that issue is also in latest iOS 11 safari browser. Below is one example of such pop up:

Let me clear this at first instance that no genuine company in this world would detect or fix any problem like this, you should always consult company store for any assistance.  There is no way for anyone to know, just because you went to a web site, whether your iphone have an infection or not. These are hackers from other countries are preying on innocent citizens. Any such popup message will always be a scam.

What to do to avoid such issue or hacker:

It's a scam. If this happens again, do not call any phone numbers.
Just in case, tap Settings > Safari then swipe down and tap Clear History & Website Data.
But make sure do not call on any such unauthorized  phone number or email address. These are usually hackers seeking for your personal information to making any banking fraud. So pleases avoid any such messages or pop ups.



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