iPhone X/8/7 Lag in keyboard while typing, iOS 11 / iOS 12

Many users are facing lag problem in new iphone X/8 and iOS 11, the iphone 8 is getting a really bad keyboard lag. The phone sometimes literally freezes and it’s frustrating to type. The issue is not with only one app to type but across many other apps like safari, facebook etc. There are few reports of keyboard lagging on iOS 11. There doesn't seem to be a clear trend or reason why but I would surmise that iOS 11 is not up to snuff just yet. One can look to back up the data and try a hard reset first and maybe even a full DFU restore to see if that helps. It’s most likely a software issue and not hardware related. So please keep on upgrading your iphone 8 to the latest version of iOS released by Apple.

One user reported the issue as “Yes! My 8plus is lagging with the keyboard. It shows up blank and I have to wait a bit for it to show up or force the app closed and try again. It’s not just your phone.” Clearly lots of users are affected here.

You may also try to Reset all setting of your iphone and see if it helps or not, but please note that it will erase all your data.

Even in the latest iOS 12 the lag is seen in the keyboard by iPhone users. The lag is like for some milliseconds but its highly irritating while typing.



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