no sound on call after iOS 11update on iphone

With my iPhone 7plus, the iphone call feature was working all fine until update. After upgrading to ios11, call volume of some iphone including iphone 7, went too low or in some cases the other side is not at all able to hear the voice. After updating to iOS 11 it users stopped being able to hear phone calls and caller couldn't hear other.  Described it as sounding robotic before going completely silent. Happening with recent iOS 11.0.3 also. Users are able to fix this for least once a day by restarting the iphone to be able to talk on phone calls.
Its strange that while the issue occurs, Speaker phone won't work either. With ios 11, user cannot hear normal phone calls but works fine on whatsapp calling. Only a hard reset will fix it and only for some time, then the same issue represents itself. iPhone 6S iOS 11.0.2. Still need to restart multiple times a day to be able to speak to / hear someone on the phone.

One thing that is noticed that predicts the issue being present (while making or receiving a cellular call), is that the side volume buttons seem to stop working. At least, the visual doesn't appear on the screen to show what level your speaker is set to. A reboot fixes this and the sound issue. Obviously a software bug by Apple which should be fixed ASAP. And it is also advised to all the users to keep on upgrading to Apple latest iOS version for real fixes. Till then you can check if any of below fix helps you:

How to fix the no sound issue in iphone 6s/7 with iOS 11

Fix 1: Turn off Noise cancellation

this worked for some users: Remove the phone from case. Turn off ANC in settings (Phone noise cancellation in Accessibility settings). Settings/General/Accessibility/Phone noise cancellation is on by default.  Turning it off solved the problem may get fixed after a restart.

Fix 2: WLAN to off

1.       Go to Settings
2.      Telephone
3.      WLAN-Calls
4.      Turn it off. Now restart your iphone and check again.

Fix 3: Airplay Settings

Some users report that its a conflict with airplay. Turn off airplay and perform hard restart. In details, the airplay icon shows "contacts only". If you touch the airplay icon, you'll see the other choices, "everyone" and "receiving off". Select "receiving off". Then do a hard restart. That worked perfectly for me.

Fix 4: Reset Network settings

By using the reset network settings, an effective option to solve network related issues, you can fix all these problems by simply resetting the network settings of your iPhone. After resetting network settings (Settings->general->Reset-> Reset Network Settings).



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