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How to fix iPhone X battery drain issue

Many iPhone X users are finding an excessive battery drain after some use of iPhone. Battery is not holding a charge or draining too fast sometimes. However not all users report and such sudden battery drop in iPhone X. However there are many ways you can use to save iPhone X battery and gain some extra battery time.

>  Use Fast charging option The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 models support fast charging up to a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. If you want to charge your iPhone X at the fastest possible speed, it absolutely requires using USB-C. You need both an Apple-branded USB-C Lightning cable and a power adapter that supports the USB-C Power Delivery specification (USB-C PD.)  But need to purchase separately. If you’re charging your iPhone X using a fast charge, you may notice that when the charge hits 80 percent, things slow down. This behaviour is normal.
> Stop Background app refresh Take a look at Settings > General > Background App Refresh and check out which apps are …

iPhone X Bluetooth not working

Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X is catching bad press for Bluetooth issues. iPhone X is great and have one of advanced and unique feature but it just drops Bluetooth all the time and runs hot when you actually use it.
Apple Watch and Bose wireless headphones won't connect to iPhone X and Keeps on dropping and reconnecting. Bluetooth has already started troubling iPhone X users with connectivity issues to cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi and other devices. Even with the Apple watch, iPhone X have connectivity issue and drop in connection. Some users find that when clicked on the bluetooth icon on the screen you may get a grey box saying bluetooth is rebooting.
For some users Bluetooth connected well to car and worked fine but after some time the user hear nothing. Don’t seem to be a hardware issue because it’s affecting so many iPhone X devices only.The issue is even reported with  iPhone X with iOS 11.2 beta 4. However the issues are not reported by all iPhone X users but with few…

Unable to make FaceTime calls, iPhone/iPad issue

Face time is very old and a successful feature introduced by Apple to iPhone and mac devices. But this calling feature has been surrounded by call related issue from long time. One basic problem that is reported by many users is that they are unable to make calls using Facetime.

When they open FaceTime, my "recents" come up, but users are unable to initiate a FaceTime call with them. In some cases users are able to make call once the other person has called to them.  Rather than appearing the normal white color, the camera icon next to each contact appears a bit grayed out.   
The issue is majorly reported with outgoing facetime calls where users can answer an incoming call but fail to do a Facetime call from their iPhone or other mac devices like iPad. All incoming and outgoing calls fail when sending and receiving from my new iMac.  The Facetime related issue are reported with iOS 10 and iOS 11 on iPhone 6/7 plus. There are few fixes/ workaround available that you many try to…

iMessage conversations out of order iPhone 6s/7plus

Many iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 plus users are facing receiving iMessages text out of order iphone and iOS10.  iMessage conversations are appearing in random order rather than chronologically with most recent at the top. This is making it difficult to find out the recent messages as all iMessage are out of sequence and in case you have many iMessage threads it may appear annoying to find out the message you are looking for. It is very easy to miss text messages. Even upgrading the iOS did not help as ios 11 text imessages out of order.

New messages are not moving the conversation to the top of the list, and new messages within a conversation are not necessarily the most recent. It seems that imessage timestamp out of order. It appears that factory reset + restored, turned on/off iPhone do not fix the issue. Even when user restart the iPhone, found that some iMessages deleted and out of order. Below step could help you to change order of text messages iPhone to expected order.

Fix 1: Change …

iPhone X , iPhone 8 popup: “Purchase of this item is not currently available - item being modified” fix

After buying the new iPhone x and restoring it from the backup many users are facing repeated pop up issue in iPhone X that they are keep getting this annoying message every 2-3 minutes "purchase of this item is not currently available. The item is being modified please try again later.

iPhone X has been doing this multiple times per day and there is no option to stop this pop up. It seems that everything was uploaded without issue from the backup  but One thing was "Purchase of this item not available" kept popping up, driving users in sane. This pop up is mainly reported with WIFI connection ON and not for the data network connection. You may fix the issue with below mentioned solutions: Fix for iPhone pop up “purchase of this item is not currently available. The item is being modified please try again later."Fix 1:  iCloud and stop backup process

While backing iPhone X or iPhone 8 from the backup the probem is some music in iTunes that’s no longer available a…

iPhone 6s/7 imessage showing phone numbers instead of Contact names

Iphone users including iPhone 5s/6s/7 plus iPhone 8 plus users running on latest iOS 11 are facing issue that  imessage on iphone is showing the contact name when someone texted them.  Now it is showing only the phone number. Even the normal text messages are all displayed by contact phone number instead of contact names in iPhone.

After updating to IOS11, while contact's phone numbers has a name in the list but in iMessage and message are showing phone numbers instead of Contact names. Also iPhone is showing the contact name for all the text send to the user.  

It will not display the saved name in messages or when the contact actually calls her phone. This issue it appears to be a bug that pops up from time to time  There are many fix listed below to fix the issue and show contact names in iMessage:
Fix 1: Language & Region setting
1) Head to Settings -> General -> Language & Region 2) Tap Region and select a region close to you, I am in the US so I chose the US Virgin I…

custom ringtones not working on iPhone 8 Plus and iOS 11/ iOS 13

Many new iPhone 8/iPhone 8 plus users are facing issue with custom ringtones as it seems there are no custom ringtones. From iTunes as well users are not able to add the custom ringtones, the user is not able to drag anything to ringtones folder. The ringtones can be placed in as regular music song but can not be used as ringtone. The issue is very disappointing as iPhone 8 is unable to upload custom ringtones.

The ringtone missing in iPhone 8 seems to issue with users who have upgraded to iPhone 8 from older iPhone like 6s. The user’s complaints that the ringtones were there in iPhone 6s but none of them are present in the iPhone 8. It looks like that all custome ringtones are missing from iPhone 8 running on iOS 11. 
To Fix the custom ringtone missing from iPhone 8 on iOS 13 : Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the missing ringtones to your PC that is running iTunes 12.7 Step 2: After it connects, you will see your iPhone listed in the left menu, click on it to open it up. Scroll down t…

Fix iPhone X Weak Network signal

Many iPhone users are complainting that the new iPhone X they receives have very poor signal strength. User set it up with previous cellular network and  noticed that signals strength is significantly weaker than before. The iPhone X weak network signal is causing slow internet connection and even call drop while travelling. What is more worrying is old iphone 7 at same network and same ios at same place shows full signal strength. Signal strength dropped dramatically compared with iphone 7, and iPhone X, constant blank spots and dropped calls.
Among many causes Your iPhone X is showing low signal– it might be running out of memory, need a firmware update, or have too many apps active in the background. Check WIFI Assist: The Wi-Fi Assist is… assisting your iPhone constantly, deciding if the active internet connection is offering you the best navigational experience. When you are having signal strength issues, the Wi-Fi Assist might often consider that this change is required, leading to…

iPhone X Whatsapp Facebook calls failing

Apple has released its one of most powerful iPhone till date which is iPhone X. The phone is equipped with many advanced features in it but many users are having different complaints about the iPhone. These can be related to iOS bugs but users don’t wish to see many issues on such an expensive piece. 

Some iPhone X users are not able to make call over VOIP apps like facebook or whatsapp. Everytime user attempt to make a call, Voice and Video calls over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have been failing. But when tried with old iPhone 7 Plus and make the same call and it works. Users have updated apps to latest version and also reinstalled the apps but the issue still persists.
The Facebook and whatsapp support claims it be iPhone X related issue as the apps works fine on other devices. But there are no official statements from Apple side on this. However you may try below fix to check if it helps you.

Turn off hearing aid setting: Please try to turn off hearing aid compatibility as this se…

Can’t connect to unsecured WIFI after iOS 11 fix

Apple’s new iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch improves the network security and does not allow connecting to unsecure network. All types of iPhone models iphone 6s/7+ and iPhone 8 are affected by this. After updating iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, some users cannot connect to the unsecured Wi-Fi networks  which they were able to join before iOS 11 update.

One users mentioned “Not able to join a free “Google Starbucks” network in Starbucks and then directed to a login page to access internet on my iPhone 7. However, after upgraded to iOS 11, the system indicates that the network is unsecured and conditions no longer is presented.”

iPad Pro also cannot join unsecured wireless network, The issues only happens in iOS 11.
iOS has displayed "unsecured network" on networks that do not enable at least WPA encryption since iOS 9. But I never prevented users from connecting to the unsecure network. And it seems that on iOS11 prevent you from connecting to unsecured network.

Please follow …

iPhone not playing saved videos after iOS upgrade

Some iPhone users after upgrading their iPhones to latest iOS released from Apple are facing issue with video shot from their iPhones, Some videos from a few months ago those were saved to my camera roll won't play. Users only see little loading circle like it is trying to load the video but it never plays the video. All videos were playing before the upgrade and saved successfully.  Since after the latest update some of my videos plays fine and the others just have the loading circle. The issue is reported across almost all iPhone models including iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 as well.
Fix for the issue when iPhone won’t play saved video Fix 1: iCloud sharing For many user this fix worked successfully and the solution  is to select the videos (All of them or one by one, makes no difference) and press the upload button.
The press iCloud Photo Sharing. It will show a timer saying "preparing". Once this is done, the video should now play. Fix 2: Load the video first Select th…

Remove iPhone constant spinning wheel at status bar

iPhoneusers including Iphone 7 and Iphone 8 are seeing a constantly spinning wheel in the iPhone status bar and stays there for all the time, seems like iPhone is doing in the background. Sometimes the issue appears after using keyboard dictation, and also happens when use Siri to text.

Some users find this issue after installing iOS 11. While other can see a constant spinning wheel on the status bar even before updating their iPhones. The spinning wheel is supposed to indicate downloading or data transfer.  Some users say that this spinning is causing battery drain and iPhone is dying with battery quick. Users tried to restart their iPhone and looks like a reboot stops the wheel for a while. Clearly a issue that Apple should address in new releases to fix the small spinning wheel in status bar. Few fix or work around which seems to work for iPhone users are mentioned blow , you may try these to check if they helps you.

Solution 1: Reset network settings

Reset network settings, an effecti…

CarPlay Maps not turning on night mode automatically

Many users are facing issue with Apple maps that the CarPlay Maps not going into night mode. CarPlay works great but navigating with Maps at night is difficult because the screen is so bright as night mode does not turns on automatically to reduce the light intensity. This very irritating and annoying bug in carPlay as Night mode doesn't work on the car screen. The issue is reported with iOS12/iOS 13 as well.

Few possible solution to fix the carplay stuck in daymode are as follow: Fix 1 : Turn dashboard light below 100%
The fix is making sure the dashboard light dimmer is NOT set at 100%. Take it down one notch and night mode on MAPS will kick right in. Turned the dimmer for the car down to about 75%, the dimming for the head unit kicked in, as did the night mode for CarPlay. Not sure if this is a default for CarPlay, but you might play around with the car dimmer. Fix 2: tap on the navigation
A "fix," to push it into night mode is to punch in directions to anywhere and when …

iPhone time is not displayed on lock screen after ios11 upgrade

After update to new iOS 11 many users are complain that time is not displayed on their iPhone. The issue is encountered after upgrade to new iOS 11. The clock is missing from lock screen in the iPhone and making troubles for users to check time without ulocking the iPhone. Apple have not provided any official statement on this issue but till now now no software fix has been released by apple to bring back clock time on the screen. The issue is reported with all types of apple products including iPhones 6s/7/8 and even iPads.
There are some workaround which you may try to fix the issue- phone not showing time on lock screen: Solution 1: Change fonts One workaround that is working for many users is to change the fonts to bold and then back to normal the problem should disappears. Hope this will be resolved in the next update.
Solution 2: Turn off live photos The issue is reported majorly from the devices where 'live' photo is set as background. Please try to turn off this feature an…


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