Can’t connect to unsecured WIFI after iOS 11 fix

Apple’s new iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch improves the network security and does not allow connecting to unsecure network. All types of iPhone models iphone 6s/7+ and iPhone 8 are affected by this. After updating iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, some users cannot connect to the unsecured Wi-Fi networks  which they were able to join before iOS 11 update.

One users mentioned “Not able to join a free “Google Starbucks” network in Starbucks and then directed to a login page to access internet on my iPhone 7. However, after upgraded to iOS 11, the system indicates that the network is unsecured and conditions no longer is presented.”

iPad Pro also cannot join unsecured wireless network, The issues only happens in iOS 11.

iOS has displayed "unsecured network" on networks that do not enable at least WPA encryption since iOS 9. But I never prevented users from connecting to the unsecure network. And it seems that on iOS11 prevent you from connecting to unsecured network.

Please follow below steps to fix iOS 11 how to connect to unsecured network
Fix 1 : Manual configure DNS
1. Open Settings
2. go to Wi-fi

3. Click on the “i” next to the network you’re about to join
4. Now forget this network
5. click the “i” again on the same network
6. Configure DNS
7. Click manual -> Add Server “” then SAVE
8. Join network and wait for the wifi logo to appear on the top left corner of your screen.
9. Once it appears click the “i” again then Configure DNS
10. delete the Manual Server you added then click Automatic then SAVE

11. Go to Safari and open any website

Now you should be apple to access unsecure network on iOS 11.


Unknown said…
This does not work for my issue. I have an iphone 6s with ios 11.4. I cannot connect to a guest unsecured network at my work that I have used daily before today. It requires a username and password that I have to enter to connect. When I connect, the login page pops up and I immediately get the error - "Error Opening Page . Hotspot login cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server." I have tried all of the manual DNS changes you suggested and I have tried resetting my network settings and removing the Device management profiles. Nothing works.


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