How to access flashlight and camera on lock screen iPhone X

The new Apple iPhone X is best iphone model so far. But many users are facing challenge in getting comfortable to use it. Like many users are not able to access apps like camera, torch from the lock screen of iPhone X. When user look at the screen and it automatically unlocks but can't open neither apps.  I tried pressing it, double tapping it, press and holding, swiping it in all directions, but none of them work.

One suggested way to work is like Put your finger on the icons and you'll see them swell a bit.  Keep your finger on them and drag them up.  But many users are not able to get this way.

Unlike old iPhone  models, you have to apply slight pressure for it to work. But before that make sure 3 D touch on ON. This is also a new feature about which lots of users are not aware. 
Go to Settings/ General/ Accessibility/ 3D Touch and turn it ON, then you should see them. Many users found it turned OFF causing many issues to occur while accessing to open app.

Put your finger on the icon until it swells and then just remove your finger.  Don't swipe, just take your finger off and the camera or flashlight will open. It takes pressure on your screen to get the icons to swell, and then take your finger off the screen and both should work.



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