iPhone 8 YouTube causing battery drain and heat up

Many Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 users have complaints that YouTube app is causing fast battery drain and iPhone to heat up while watching video on the App on their iPhone X running on latest iOS 11.1. The iPhone is getting very hot or warm during the use of YouTube app and this is causing the battery loss as well.
The iPhone sets are badly affected by battery drain as watching your tune for 10-15 min is causing about twenty percent loss of battery. Even while users are not using the YouTube app and is running in background the battery drain is still happening as the app is making a sound through speaker while opened in background. You need to be in very quite room to listen that. Some people are reporting safari video playback is also causing drain
The issue is even happening with latest iOS 11.1.1 and not seen with any other app till now, so apparently the YouTube app is seems to cause the issue. Before the launch of iPhone X Google has updated the YouTube version and it likely that something is broken in the app which is causing iPhone to heat with YouTube app running. Hoping it’s just a software problem with the YouTube app or IOS specific to the X and not an underlying problem with heat management.

Possible reason behind battery heat up in iPhone X

What has been known so far is that YouTube is using a video format, vp9, that Google developed. Unfortunately Apple hardware is not optimized for running it.
As mentioned earlier that this is probably YouTube App video streaming issue, not only iPhone X but also iphone 7 and iPAD are affected with new YouTube app. Even the iPad have YouTube Battery drain issue.
To fix the heat up issue that iPhone X/8/7+ users should keep updating to latest version of YouTube. Some user reported that after upgrading the new release of iPhone the issue is not seen anymore.
But Until YouTube shuts it down, see: ProTube.



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