iPhone X , iPhone 8 popup: “Purchase of this item is not currently available - item being modified” fix

After buying the new iPhone x and restoring it from the backup many users are facing repeated pop up issue in iPhone X that they are keep getting this annoying message every 2-3 minutes "purchase of this item is not currently available. The item is being modified please try again later.

iPhone X has been doing this multiple times per day and there is no option to stop this pop up. It seems that everything was uploaded without issue from the backup  but One thing was "Purchase of this item not available" kept popping up, driving users in sane. This pop up is mainly reported with WIFI connection ON and not for the data network connection.
You may fix the issue with below mentioned solutions:

Fix for iPhone pop up “purchase of this item is not currently available. The item is being modified please try again later."

Fix 1:  iCloud and stop backup process

While backing iPhone X or iPhone 8 from the backup the probem is some music in iTunes that’s no longer available and your iPhone X will keep trying to access/download them .
To fix it, you will need to go into Settings, iCloud, iCloud Backup, and select “Stop backing up device”.  Now if you want you can start as a new back up.  Apparently whenever you perform a restore from another device, the process gets caught in a loop if even just one app is no longer available on the App Store.
If you know what us stuck in loop from the backup like iTunes purchase etc. you can manually fix the issues and get rid of this issue.
Fix 2: Clear Safari settings

Apple Support has recommend this step in case this is not even fixed after FIX 1. 

Instructed to go to [settings] on my phone; then click on [Safari], then scroll down to the bottom and click on [clear history and website data].  The issue is fixed for many users and hasn't come back.
Hope this helps you to fix the issue.


Anonymous said…
Fix 1 worked. THANK YOU!!!!
That popup was insanely annoying.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, thank you! I was getting the popup every 3 minutes and it was driving me batty! Fix 1 worked for me!
Jordy said…
Hi there a lot people are complaining about that popup and they called that phone the best you can Buy?


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