Personal Hotspot not working in iPhone 7/8/6s/iOS11 and iPAD issue fixed

With release of new Apple software, many users are having issues with iOS 11 personal hotspot. This issue can’t be linked only to IOS 11 only as iOS 10/9 /8/7 had such hotspot issued where users were unable to connect to iPhone hotspot or iPhone hotspot not starting properly. When you start hotspot from the iPhone it seems to be started but cannot be searched by other devices like phones or laptop. Even for some time you can see the iPhone Wi-Fi signal in the laptop but when you select the network to link your other device you will observe sudden WIFI signal disappearing from the list and  laptop wont connect to iPhone hotspot.

Can't connect to personal hotspot from iPhone seems to be an intermittent issue as it seems that this will work sometimes but after sometimes the hotspot will stop working. Very likely the issue of iphone personal hotspot not showing up is a software glitch of iphone and can’t be linked to  a hardware issue. There does not seems to be any statement issued from Apple that why iphone 7 hotspot not working sometimes.

Below are few fixes or workaround for iphone hotspot not working issue:

Fix 1: Change Password/Hot spot Name

For many users changing the password WIFI password worked, you should also try to see if it helps.
Or You can try to changes hotspot name and restart the data connection. To change the name of iPhone Hotspot Goto settings->General->About->change name of your iPhone.

*Make sure to turn off/on data connection and personal hotspot after doing these changes this should fix iPhone Hotspot not visible in other devices like laptop or mac devices.

Fix 2: Toggle Facetime

Got to Settings > FaceTime and scroll down to the bottom.
Toggle Use Cellular Data to off (or on)
Turn your phone off. This is important as otherwise this solution does not work.
Turn the phone back on.
Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and switch it on.
Check that Personal Hotspot now appears in Settings beneath WiFi and Bluetooth.

Fix 3: Reset Network Settings

Tap Settings.
Tap General.
Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Reset.

Tap Reset Network Settings.
In the pop-up warning, tap Reset Network Settings.

Your iPhone will restart. When it's done booting up, check the main Settings screen for the Personal Hotspot option.

Fix 4: Logout and login to iCloud

In case you are not able to connect to iPhone hotspot try logging out of iCloud on the device that is my personal hotspot fixed the issue for me as well. This should fix personal hotspot not working iphone 6

Fix 5: Try reboot

Sometimes the issue is simply resolved by restarting the iphone or doing a hard reboot(Press and hold menu button and power buttom together until Apple logo appears 8-12 sec). But it quite possible that iphone hotspot issue may appear back.



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