Remove iPhone constant spinning wheel at status bar

iPhone users including Iphone 7 and Iphone 8 are seeing a constantly spinning wheel in the iPhone status bar and stays there for all the time, seems like iPhone is doing in the background. Sometimes the issue appears after using keyboard dictation, and also happens when use Siri to text.

Some users find this issue after installing iOS 11. While other can see a constant spinning wheel on the status bar even before updating their iPhones. The spinning wheel is supposed to indicate downloading or data transfer.  Some users say that this spinning is causing battery drain and iPhone is dying with battery quick. Users tried to restart their iPhone and looks like a reboot stops the wheel for a while. Clearly a issue that Apple should address in new releases to fix the small spinning wheel in status bar.
Few fix or work around which seems to work for iPhone users are mentioned blow , you may try these to check if they helps you.

Solution 1: Reset network settings

Reset network settings, an effective option to solve network related issues as it will clear all the network settings, cellular network settings, saved Wi-Fi network settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings and bring back your iPhone Network Settings to factory default.
Goto->Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings 
However some Iphone 8 plus users say that the reset network fix only worked for a day.

Solution 2: User Siri
It seems there is a workaround with Siri, just activating Siri stops the spinning -  as a simple quick fix for the issue. Just ask Siri for weather update or anything.. this should help to remove spinning wheel from iPhone.

Solution 3: Turn off back ground refresh and Hard reset your device
Go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh.  Toggle Background App Refresh to "off".  Don't just turn it off for each app but turn Background App Refresh off.
Now do hard restarts by simultaneously push n hold side lock key (right side button) while depressing volume down key (left side, bottom button) for up to 10 seconds.

Solution 4 :  iMessage dicatation settings
As mentioned earlier this issue could be due to voice to text conversion and iMessage also uses this feaure so please try below steps to check if iMessage is causing this issue.
1. Open iMsg, go to a conversation

2. Push dictation button (don’t have to dictate anything)
3. Then, simply push the keyboard button provided in the gray space - which exits dictation mode.



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