Safe Notes app not working after iOs 11 Update fixed

With release of Apple iOS 11 version many users are facing many issues. One of such issue is with third party apps used by many iphone users with iOS 10. These apps are now not working with latest iOS 11. The main reason behind this is non-support by iOS11 for  32 bit applications. So many users who were used to of apps like Safe Notes found after upgrade that app "safe note" does not work. Developer of this app needs to update it to work with iOS 11, to make app run in 64 bit environment.
Many users are in serious trouble due to this as they were habitual of saving important password in the Safe Notes app. And with non-working app they cannot access the saved data.

It is not possible to run the app in iOS 11 but you can try below steps to recover the data from DB:

Step 1. Download iPhone BackUP extractor (demo version);
Step 2. Select the BackUp containing your SafeNote (the last working backUp for me, created before updating to iOS 11);
Step 3. When iPhoneBackUP extractor terminates the scan, Select SafeNote in the list of APP present in your BackUP;
Step 4. The number of file and Database recorded in Safe Note will be displayed (see figure attached);

Step 5. Select "All databases: Extract 1" (the free version of "iPhone BackUP extractor" allow you to extract limited number of files. We need the only one I indicated)
Step 6. The "iPhone BackUP extractor" will save the following file (for example on your desktop): "\library\ProvateDocuments\CoreDataNotes.sqlite"

Step 7. You can open this file with TextEdit and you can browse it in order to recover your password, otherwise you can download the software (freeware) "DB Browser for SQLite" [Releases · sqlitebrowser/sqlitebrowser · GitHub] and Browse data for database and export every note saved in Safe Note in a natty way.

Hopefully this solution helps you to recover your important data.


Christine Braud said…
Where does one find this "iPhone BackUp Extractor" app?? It does not seem to exist!!! PLEASE HELP!


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