Weather widget not updating issue in iPhone running iOS 11

Many user are issue in Phone 7/8 plus, iOS 11.0.x, and the weather widget doesn't refresh at all, Changing regional settings does not help. Even launching the weather app from the widget doesn't even cause the widget to update. When we tap on it, just the widget portion of it doesn't update it's temperature.  Similar issue with the weather widget on iPad, so clearly something has wrong in iOS 11 which is causing it to not work properly. Some users say that weather widget is refreshing sporadically or randomly. Below are some fixes that you should try to fix the "Weather widget  update issue ios11" issue.

Fix 1: Make sure location service is set to ON

Unlike the iOS 10, now the weather widget only updates with location services always on. If this still does not work try deleting and re-installing the Weather app with location services always ON.

Fix 2: Wait for any changes to load

If you have done time changes in your iphone it may happen that after some time  the weather widget fixes it itself, it just takes a few hours to catch up to the time change.

Fix 3: Update to latest iOS

It is very much likely that the issue is due to iOS 11 glitch, so keep updating to the latest version of iOS to make sure get Apple fix for the issue.


Anonymous said…
I came here for ideas. I ended up just turning off and then back on location services for that app and it resynced
Anonymous said…
can confirm! turning the location services on/off worked for me too!

also i just left the location off and it still works properly!


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