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iPhone undo accidentally reported text message as spam on iMessage

Many iPhone users are reporting a issue that while going through messages in selected all of them to just delete them , but instead press report junk by pressing the " report as junk".  After this screen popped this messages are reported as junk. Checked block messages and contacts and is none of it is there. All messages where gone from text messaging and no message in received from those numbers. But this is creating trouble for many users as some messages contained important contacts/data. It will be good idea to put delete on top and report junk underneath.

After accidentally sending contact numbers to junk on iMessage and want to find out a solution to retrieve contacts from the junk list in iPhone: Please follow these steps Step 1: Have a another Apple device with same Apple ID
Step 2: Log into your iMessage onto your 2nd device, when you log into iMessage you should get a code sent to your 2nd device device. Type this code in your 1st device/iPhone.
Step 3: Send the pers…

iPhone 7/8/X: Fix mail app crash after upgrade to iOS 12 /12.1

With iOS upgrades Apple is upgrading all apps so does the mail app. Mail app is great mail features and easy to use with different mail types like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Aol, Outlook and Other custom mail server. But after the upgrade mail app is facing many issues. 

iPhone 7/8 , iPhone X and an iPad Air 2 user after upgrading to iOS 12  are not able the use the mail app anymore on both type of devices, as it always crashes at the start. Even trying to delete and add the account did not help to fix the mail app crash on iPhone. The issue is reported with exchange server like, etc. The mail app on iOS 11 crashes even before opening and this is very frustrating. Apple don’t have comments on this so far.

How to fix mail app crashing on iOS 12 

Workaround for the issue :

You must not add an mail server  account under accounts, you have to choose other. This won‘t use the predefined outlook settings, but at least Mail works without crashing. But it looks l…

iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus black screen with spinning wheel issue

Randomly happening issue is faced by many iPhone X, iPhone 8 users with latest release of iOS 11.2. A black screen comes up with a circle spinning randomly.

After updating to iOS 11.2, it happened black screen loading circle when swipe up and down frequently at the bottom of phone, also Hitting the camera button seems to trigger it as well. Below is the video that one user captured while the issue is happening.

 Lots of users have been reporting iPhone X/8 Plus black screen with loading circle. Their iPhone appears to be dead and won’t turn on. You should try to hard reset your iPhone to check if that helps. Fix 1: Apparently it’s an Apple Bug, for the meantime; disable ALL your notificationsfrom the settings. Do it for every single application. This may prevent black screen issue on iPhone X/8.
Fix 2: Use Siri option While the iPhone is stuck with spinning wheel on black screen try to simply ask Siri to turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back on. For some users this has helped to get rid of black …

iPhone 6/7/8 : What is exclamation mark with blurred photo in iOS11

Some iPhone users are seeing exclamation mark on side of photos in iPhone.  This is strange as no message or information is provided with it and is just an exclamation mark on the corner of a photo without any explanation. The exclamation mark is also seen on iPhone7/8 is also on iOS 11. Many user are not aware of this indicator and gets worried as this is related to their iPhone photo album.

Meaning of exclamation mark in iPhone photo album is that you are using iCloud Photo library, and the specific photo’s full-size original could not be loaded from iCloud due to some reasons. This could be due to lack of a network connection or poor WIFI signal, or in worst case it could be file corruption on iCloud’s end . There can be chances  that not all photo have this marks and particular photo from iCloud library is facing issues while downloading.  Also in case you are seeing red mark next to photo in your iPhone, that red mark indicates that the photo has not been downloaded to your device…

iPhone 7/8 : Remove music app from lock screen iOS 11

After upgrading to new iOS 11 many iPhone users are finding iOS 11 music player on lock screen. However some users don’t find this valuable as they don’t use music player much and want to see notification instead of it. ios 11 music controls on lock screen is taking space on the screen and taking up valuable space. 

The issue is strange as every one of apps is closed and it still shows the music controls on the lock screen. When you turn off the music app, you should get rid of that widget from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. But of late, people have complained that music player widget keeps pestering them as it doesn’t disappear even after turning off the app. ios 11 music widget stays on the lock screen.
A quick fix for the issue is to close your music app and restart the iPhone. Touch and hold the icon until it vibrates and an "x" appears in upper left corner. Click on that x and the "Delete" option that appears. 

Now reboot your iPhone/iPad the issue shoul…

iPhone 8/7 Spotlight search not working in iOS 11.2

Many iPhone 8 users after upgrading to latest iOS 11.2.1 are facing issue with Spotlight search. The spotlight is not showing result for contacts. However it was working before the upgrade. Seems like something has broken the feature in new iOS release by Apple in iOS 11.2.1.

User tried to reboot the device but seems like it does fix spotlight issue for a while but will come back after sometime. Not all  iPhone 8/7 users are reporting the issue but is reported by many users. There are few workaround that you may try to fix the Spotlight issue in iPhone on iOS 11: Solution 1: Reset Spotlight preference Shut down all the spotlight switches in Preferences/General/Spotlight.  (Settings → General → Spotlight Search  → SEARCH RESULTS). Then hard restart the phone. Toggle on only the contact switch in spotlight. Wait for a few minutes and all the contacts must appear now. Later, you can enable other searches if you want.
Solution 2:
Reset all contacts. Go to ->Contacts App, click on Groups an…

Notification pausing video after upgrade to iOS 11 fix

Many users after upgrading to iOS 11 are facing issue with notification while playing video. In the iPhone 7/8 on iOS 11 while watching any kind of video and receive a notification that video will pause when notification comes. This is annoying while watching any video.

The issue can not be related to network/WIFI issue as the the issue is reported even when the video is completely buffered and notification still pauses video in iPhone. Surely this seems like an iOS bug in latest iOS 11. One user even reported this with audio music also.  “iphone 8, Ios 11.1.2. Whenever I get a notifications what ever I'm doing like listening to music or watching videos, it pauses. “

Since there are no update from Apple yet but a workaround to listen to music without audio notifications. You can try to switch to silent mode using side button, and when all the notifications comes up, hopefully they no longer interrupt the music.

iPhone X /8 Apps Won't load after restore from iCloud

Many iPhone users who upgraded  to new iPhone X are facing issue while restoring their backup from iCloud to iPhone X. When user restore on new iPhone X some of the apps are not working, as they seems to be locked up and won't start. Even when tried to delete and reinstall the apps on iPhone X, but this does not seems to help and the apps are still hanged at loading.

This is not the only issue that iPhone X restore has but even the downloading of apps is stuck sometimes after restoring iPhone X from backup. None of  apps are  finished downloading and phone may not lock at all. This is very strange that after restore, sometimes the apps have downloaded, sometimes they are stuck at downloading. Please try below Methods and check if they fix iPhone X apps stuck after restore issue: Solution 1. Reboot iPhone to fix iPhone X/8 Plus app stuck on waiting error You may try to stop the download and try to install the app again from Appstore. Many user tried a force restart,  For the iphone X, …

iPhone X touchscreen ghost touch issue

Many iPhone X users are facing issue with touchscreen that touchscreen of the Phone as it looks like something is touching phones screen to operate. It can happen anytime with newly bought sets independent of external condition like temperature etc. iphone X where the screen is being touched by something, at that time phone is going crazy. Randomly dial something without touching it/open any app. Tried lock and unlock when it happens but does not help. 

Many users tried resetting to factory default and finds the issue still happens. It becomes very difficult to control the phones to operate at the moment. Below is the Video while the iPhone X works automatically:

There are no updates from Apple on this and not yet confirmed touchscreen issue as hardware of software glitch as this is reported with latest iOS released ie iOS11.2. Possible cause and workaround for the issue : Defective display assembly, flex cable or pin damage and improper seating can all be causes of ghost touching in iPh…

iPhone 8 and iPhone X flash not working in cold weather

Many iPhone users are facing the issue that in iPhone 8 and iPhone X flash did not work in the cold weather when temperature is low or minus degree. When try to take a pic with the camera the flash is not working but the flash itself works turned it on from the control panel. However it looks that it does turn on a bit but it’s just for a second and it is very low light you can hardly see it. Seems like the issue is linked to surrounding temperature and iPhone X/8 LED stop working when it’s very cold. There is no error message or anything on phone.

Even you can see the issue in iPhone 8 LED alert, turn LED for alerts on and off, with the sound off and on. It works randomly and then stops again.  The issue is frustrating as iPhone 8 plus having issues with flash on cold weather. Even the latest iOS 11.2 does not help to solve the issue. Below are the details of environment requirement for iPhone 8 but the issue is sometimes reported for +5 degree which is strange. Environmental Requireme…

iPhone 7 unable to Send photos using iMesaage

Apple has provided iMessage in all their iPhones to send pictures, When you send a photo/picture or any media file (now we're talking videos too) through the messages app, it can be sent via iMessage or as an MMS.

But many users after the upgrade to iOS 11 find issue with photo share using iMessage.When want to share a picture, noticed that the green message icon is missing from the send to/sharing list from the photos app. The icon was there with iOS10 but after the iOS11 update, when  in photos and want to send a selection via iMessage, you may not see  that option...only email, airdrop...not iMessage.

Fix: How to fix not able to send photo using iOS 11 When Contacted to Apple support and indeed they confirm that specific functionality was removed as part of iOS11 update.  But in case you want to transfer the photo using iMessage in iOS 11 Make sure MMS is Turned On: Go to Settings → Messages → and make sure MMS Messaging is turned on.

Now when you hit the box with arrow to share on…

iPhone X callers cant hear me on calls , muffled sound issue

iPhone X call quality issues
iPhone X released with many advanced feature is also reported with many issues. One such issue is with is while on call other person can’t not hear voice from iPhone X. The other person called often report that the call volume/sound faint at times or they can’t hear me at all. The issue is reported as intermittent sometimes callers can hear fine sometimes not on a call. This becomes annoying as users have to yell  on call and all of a sudden the other users start to hear while yelling at them.

Other people report the audio to be very muffled and unclear from iPhone X. The quality is so poor that other side is unable to make out the words. Interestingly the issue does not happen when call is put on speaker. The main use of a phone is to call people, it is pretty disappointing with iPhone x as this is very expensive phones to have such a basic call defect. How to fix iPhone X poor call quality issue: Fix 1: turn off noise cancellation
Sometimes the iPhone is canc…

iPhone X mail notifications Disappearing after unlock using FaceID

Many iPhone X users are facing issue with lost notification when unlocked the phone using FaceID. When get a mail notification, and pick up the phone and look at the phone, you can see the notifications reveal themselves, and then immediately disappear (as if users have dismissed them).

The issue is faced only for Mail notifications, the others apps notification apps like Whatsapp etc.  stay on the screen. Not only iPhone X but also iPhone 6s/ Iphone 7 are facing this issue. When e mail notification is received user Picked up the phone and the notification vanishes. The issue is very frustrating as you may miss some important mails. Interstingly this is reported by some users only happens with Exchange email but not iCloud email. Gmail on IMAP works correctly. Fix for iPhone X Email Notifications Cleared from Lock Screen When Unlocked using FaceID Fix 1 : Turn on Show in history One working solution found for this issue is to change mail setting. Goto->Settings > Notifications >…

iPhone 8 home screen frozen won't turn off

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are latest version of iPhone available but unfortunately these devices are also facing many major issue. One such issue reported by many users us when iPhone 8 screen becomes unresponsive out of nowhere. When trying to tap an app icon on the home screen the phone was unresponsive. The screen of iPhone 8 became unresponsive. Force touch also does not work.No response to any swipes or presses or taps on the home screen. This is causing major issue as in iPhone 8 won’t be able to do a normal "slide to power off" Shut Down with the power key.

It is happening very frequently for some users like 4 times in 24 hours since purchase. The problem is sometimes easily seen while using 3d touch functionality in the home screen. Or when you try to send a photo -- screen freezes and won't accept command to message (or mail) photo. This happens 30-40% of the time. Below mentioned trouble shooting does not seems to help much.
a)         Restoring phone does not w…

iPhone X ; Battery Life widget displaying incorrect name of iPhone

Many new iPhone users who upgraded to iPhone X and used their old iPhone backup are seeing an issue that they are noticing the battery widget (from the swipe down menu) says “iPhone 6s Plus” ( or the old iPhone model they have).

 It’s just displaying the wrong phone description it has the iPhone X symbol next to it. Other than this issue users do not see anything other issue with backup import from old iPhone.  Not that this is a bug, It is quite possible that  importing an iCloud backup onto a new device bring over the same glitches and/or bugs from the previous device.

To Correct the name in iPhone X battery widget  please Go to settings - general - about Then change the name of your iPhone to whatever you want. This will fix the issue.

iPhone wifi login pop up issue, login page public and hotel network

Many iPhone users are facing issue with WIFI logins at public network. Public wifi login page not showing in iphone. As wifi login page not showing up, the users are not able to access WIFI network of the airport or hotel etc. The issue is also with other Mac devices like iphone 5 /6s , iPhone 7 and iPad pro. The issue is very old and does not seems to be only a Apple software bug.
While user try to connect iPhone and iPad on hotel Wi-Fi connections. It would connect to the Wi-Fi but would not bring up the login screen. However users are able to access the login page on my PC, but on the iPhone it does not appear and just tries to connect to the webpage (e.g.
Below are few possible solution that you can try to fix the issue or “how to force wifi login page iphone”:
Fix 1 : Navigating to HTTPS sites  Going to may help to get it work. Attempt to go to and the security window will come up. This seems to works on both iPhone and MacBook. HTTPS sites a…


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