iPhone wifi login pop up issue, login page public and hotel network

Many iPhone users are facing issue with WIFI logins at public network. Public wifi login page not showing in iphone. As wifi login page not showing up, the users are not able to access WIFI network of the airport or hotel etc. The issue is also with other Mac devices like iphone 5 /6s , iPhone 7 and iPad pro. The issue is very old and does not seems to be only a Apple software bug.

While user try to connect iPhone and iPad on hotel Wi-Fi connections. It would connect to the Wi-Fi but would not bring up the login screen. However users are able to access the login page on my PC, but on the iPhone it does not appear and just tries to connect to the webpage (e.g. google.co.uk).

Below are few possible solution that you can try to fix the issue or “how to force wifi login page iphone”:

Fix 1 : Navigating to HTTPS sites
 Going to www.apple.com may help to get it work. Attempt to go to www.apple.com and the security window will come up. This seems to works on both iPhone and MacBook.
HTTPS sites are secure, and there are still plenty of network devices that do not redirect this properly.  Navigate to a HTTP site such as: captive.apple.com, www.CNN.com, www.purple.com; this will trigger the redirect to the portal page.

Fix 2: Delete Boingo wi-finder app /The skype wifi app

Many times happes that these type of apps doesn't work and breaks the login for a lot of free wi-fi services.  It would break existing free Wi-Fi networks you had no trouble logging into without it installed. However if you don’t want to delete them you can try to Check in these apps setting to connect manually.

Fix 3: incognito tab
Fix is to open an incognito tab in browser (this will make sure to avoid cache and history issue) and type anything in the url bar. This will force a redirect, but before the login page pops up, it may prompt that you are trying to "visit an unsafe site." At this point you can either view the certificate, or you can select visit the site anyways. You should choose to visit the site anyways, then the hotel login should open.

Fix 4: DNS settings
Got to in Settings -> wifi -> select wifi and connect to it. (at this point you cant connect to the internet.)

Now click on the i mark next to the Wi-Fi name. On the tab DHCP is DNS which is an address of the authentication page. Just copy this and paste it into a browser. The WIFI login page should appear and you should be able to insert code etc.



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