iPhone X /8 Apps Won't load after restore from iCloud

Many iPhone users who upgraded  to new iPhone X are facing issue while restoring their backup from iCloud to iPhone X. When user restore on new iPhone X some of the apps are not working, as they seems to be locked up and won't start. Even when tried to delete and reinstall the apps on iPhone X, but this does not seems to help and the apps are still hanged at loading.

This is not the only issue that iPhone X restore has but even the downloading of apps is stuck sometimes after restoring iPhone X from backup. None of  apps are  finished downloading and phone may not lock at all. This is very strange that after restore, sometimes the apps have downloaded, sometimes they are stuck at downloading.
Please try below Methods and check if they fix iPhone X apps stuck after restore issue:
Solution 1. Reboot iPhone to fix iPhone X/8 Plus app stuck on waiting error
You may try to stop the download and try to install the app again from Appstore. Many user tried a force restart,  For the iphone X, do this right after the other in this order
1. Press the volume up button
2. Press the volume down button
3. Press and HOLD the power button until the apple appears on the screen.
 The force restart should help to kickstart all the apps download and apps should start downloading again.

Solution 2 : Resume app download or update on App Store to fix iPhone X/8 Plus app stuck issue
if iPhone X/8 Plus stuck in "iPhone app waiting" state while downloading or installing an app. Try following:
 Reboot iPhone and go to App Store;
  Locate the app you want to download > Tab Free button to download free app version or purchase for a paid version;
  Tab Install button to proceed.

Method 3. Sign out and sign in to App Store to fix iPhone X/8 Plus app stuck ‘waiting’ error
iPhone X/8Plus, go to Settings->Tab Store (App Store) > Apple ID > Sign Out;
 Open App Store on iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus > Navigate to the Featured;
 Scroll down to the bottom of the screen < Tab Sign in;
 Select Use Existing Apple ID and log in to your account.
Now try to download the apps and this should fix the issue.
Method 4. Remove and reinstall app later on stuck iPhone X/8 Plus in app waiting state
When apps stuck in downloading, installing or updating in iPhone X/8  Plus with waiting state, you can also remove and reinstall it later:
  Reboot stuck iPhone X/8/Plus;
  Go to Settings > General > Usage;
  Tab on stuck apps under Storage > Tab Delete App button to delete apps that cause iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus stuck;
  Re-download the app from App Store again later.

Other than this keep upgrading iOS system to new version: sometimes new apps may not be compatible with the old iOS system. Therefore, necessary to upgrade iOS system timely to fix the app stuck issue on iPhone 7/7 Plus.


Anonymous said…
HERE is the real solution. On the surface, these steps are correct, but may not help you because you don't know what apps to target. The underlying problem is with all available download threads (10?) being blocked on apps which either (a) no longer exist in the app store or (b) are not compatible with the version of iOS installed on the device. After repeatedly pausing the downloads and going into the AppStore to "reset" the download state and rebooting, you can whittle yourself down to where there are only 10 apps waiting and they are all as I described. From here, if you start clicking on them, you'll actually get the error message saying the app can't be installed and it will give you an option to delete it. Then when there are NO apps in the download queue, reboot one more time and you'll be able to go into the App Store once more and re-initiate downloads for your remaining apps that are still compatible and available. VERY painful, but this works.


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