iPhone X Message app crashing bug fix

Apple new revolutionary iPhone X is also facing many issues such as Messages App keeps crashing constantly on iPhone X. The new iPhone messaging offer a lot like new features including Animoji, Peer-to-peer payment through iMessage, and much more. But iPhone X message app crash seems to be frustrating as it’s a very basic feature and expensive machine. For some users the message app crashes every time when opened. This could be software bug but user do not see this issue with older iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

User have tried rebooting phone and hard resetting the iPhone but nothing seems to work. 
The issue is reported majorly by those users who have recently migrated from older iphone to iPhone X, have restored from a previous backup and now finds that message app is not stable and keeps on crashing randomly. The message app is even crashing on recent iOS 11.1 on an iPhone X.

Fix 1: Use Search Bar

It’s more like a work around to get your message app work until Apple rolls out an official fix for the issue.
All i did was scrolling down on the main screen, bringing up the search bar. Then typed the name of a person I recently messaged, followed by selecting the search result. Message app should now Successfully.

Fix 2 : Reset Settings 
Reset it up as a new iphone but then you lose all your content from the backup

Reset all settings worked for many users and it is much better option than setting up as a new phone in my opinion if it works for you, this way you got to keep the restored notes, calendar, contacts, and messages.



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