Notification pausing video after upgrade to iOS 11 fix

Many users after upgrading to iOS 11 are facing issue with notification while playing video. In the iPhone 7/8 on iOS 11 while watching any kind of video and receive a notification that video will pause when notification comes. This is annoying while watching any video.

The issue can not be related to network/WIFI issue as the the issue is reported even when the video is completely buffered and notification still pauses video in iPhone. Surely this seems like an iOS bug in latest iOS 11.
            One user even reported this with audio music also.  “iphone 8, Ios 11.1.2. Whenever I get a notifications what ever I'm doing like listening to music or watching videos, it pauses

Since there are no update from Apple yet but a workaround to listen to music without audio notifications. You can try to switch to silent mode using side button, and when all the notifications comes up, hopefully they no longer interrupt the music.



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