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iPhone Green Flickering during FaceTime and flashing light

Many iPhone 7/7 plus user while using Facetime are facing issue that every time making  FaceTime  calls, users  notices  little screen where one can see himself, flickers with green . It turns green after a period of time whilst a call is going on, It gets very annoying. iPhone has best camera in mobile phones competition but this does not seems to issue with camera quality. It is very irritating and difficult to understand Why does FaceTime call turn GREEN? 

How to Fix FaceTime calls turning Green :  
Fix 1: Turn off auto brightness  Go to settings -> Then Display  -> And turn off auto brightness. This seems to be cause of the issue. Please try this one and check again.
Fix 2: Turn off the portrait mode in iPhone
Go to Settings->Photos and Camera and in portrait mode section ‘turn normal photo on’.  This is interesting that while issue happens Rotate the phone 90 degrees and the flickering goes away. The landscape aspect ratio is not great but it is better than the flickering.

FaceTime error "Your camera is in use by another application" message

Many iPhone users while trying to make video calls using FaceTime are facing issue with starting the call. FaceTime app popsup with the error message that the camera is busy and can not be used. Your iPhone camera can be used by on app at a time and if the is used by other application at a time, the Facetime pops up with The message, "Your camera is in use by another application" may appear when you try to video call. This error is not sufficient to understand why Facetime is not able to access camera in my phone.  To solve the Facetime camera busy Pop up issue, please check and confirm below:

Solution 1: Camera used by external apps You may be using an external camera, unplug the connecting cable from your computer and the camera, wait for some times, and then firmly plug the cable back in to the camera and the computer.
Solution 2: Safari Browser camera access

More likely it is when you might have used your Web Browser on a site that can use your camera, this can access to your…

iPad mini not able to connect to wifi after upgrade to iOS11 (iOS 11.3)

Many iPad users after updating iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 4 from iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.3 Public Beta 1 and after the update finished, the iPad Mini can't connect with wifi. The WIFI seems to work fine as other iPhone and mac can join wifi network. The user tried Resetting the network did not work to fix WIFI issue on iPad on iOS 11.3. However there are no updates from Apple for the fix and quite possible Apple should fix this in iOS 11.3 beta 2, but you can try below workaround/fix to check if it works :

How to fix iPad mini not connecting to WIFI on iOS 11 :Fix 1:  Reset iPad Settings  Please make sure to take backup before trying this .In case resetting network settings does not work, try to reset entire iPad, and restore it to an iCloud backup (on iOS11.3). After the resetting your iPad, it should connect to WIFI fine now
Fix 2: Revert back to 11.2 Below are the steps to downgrade from iOS 11.3 to previous versions where WIFI works fine with iPad mini. 1) Downgrade it to 11.2.5 via iTun…

iPhone X best accessories list with all details

Apple’s new iPhone X is feature rich phones that are equipped with many advanced technology. Apple has launched the phone with OLED screen with  first facial recognition technology, and the first wireless charging system. The phone has major design upgrades from earlier iPhone versions. With so many changes the list of supported accessory also modifies. And as a new iPhone X owner you won’t like to miss them. Below is the list of top iPhone X accessories:
Best iPhone X Covers and cases :

With launch of iPhone X there are so many option available for stylish cases and covers. Check out Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone X with hard bumper frame available in 3-4 colors which fits fine to iPhone X with stylish look. In case you always in fear of slipping down your expensive phone you can check out Speck grip cases for iPhoneX which provides a solid grip option to hold your iPhone X strong.
iPhone X Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging:

iPhone X have much improved battery life than previous models of …

iPhone Popup Scam, “Congratulations Apple User.. you have won Amazon Gift Card”

Many iPhone 6s/7 and iPhone 8, iPhone X user are seeing a pop up scam while browsing different websites on their iPhone safari browser. The issues is even reported with latest iPhone models like iPhone 8/X with iOS 11. The pop up scam keep getting a popup in Safari stating that user have won an Amazon gift card etc. The scam pop say like “Apple user  ...  you have won an Amazon card”.  and sometimes pop up message is like " congratulation Amazon user ...".Pop-up/redirect will not go away and is continuously happening. Pop up has a "close" button, but if you click on it or anywhere on the screen, it will take you to the scam site where it asks to answer stupid questions for a chance to win fake prizes. This even happens in private browser mode, and phone is extremely slow. The amazon/gift card scam pop issue is regardless of which site is opened and even happening with Yahoo email links, Facebook on safari etc.

iPhone users have tried with the Popup Blocker on along …

Best iPhone X and iPhone 8 best solar power bank charger for travellers

Apple new product iPhone X is an advanced feature rich phones with some exceptional features. But these great features requires a good battery. iPhone X is rated good in terms of battery but its always good to carry some extra battery life with you so you can enjoy your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 without any bothering much about battery.

List of iPhone X and iPhone 8 Solar charger with attractive looks:1. Koral 12W Solar Portable Charger for iPhone -battery power bank: 10400mAh, 12W This is a light weight portable solar charger, which includes 12 month warrenty from Koral. This is a Features sunpower solar panels which provide industry leading solar Conversion efficiency, Plus an Integrated 10400Mah Lithium polymer rechargeable power bank. Which is recommended as a great deal to buy power bank for iPhone X/8/7 and iPad too. Overall its good looking stylish product with good battery charge cycle. Click here to buy from Amazon

2. Plochy 2.1 Amp Solar Power Charger for iPhone -Battery power bank…

iPhone X 5/6/7 disabled issue “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing”

Many iPhone5/6/7 plus users while restoring their iPhone in DFU mode using iTunes(12.7.) are facing issue that iPhone restore fails with error message “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing.” And once the issue happens the phone is stuck on the apple logo. The user tried to hard reset the iPhone but did not help and ‘value missing' and the issue continues to happen and Never gives an option to restore.

The issue is very annoying when users forgets the password and put the iPhone in DFU mode, suddenly itune error message pop up ‘The value is missing’ and the iPhone is left behind in stuck state.
To fix issue “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing” please follow below solution/workaround:Fix 1: iTune reset
Connect iPhone with laptop with iTunes opened. Hard press both home and power button until you see iTunes icon on iphone (~20sec). You will see option in restore and update selection, restore it to factory setting.(  make sure you have …

iPhone x/iPhone 8 select and delete all/multiple emails at once in iOS 11

Apple has removed Trash All functionality from Mail app since iOS 10. So in iOS11 for many users deleting and selecting all email together to delete them all together is not a easy find. Deleting all/multiple email is required by many user to free up space in iPhone memory or remove some unwanted emails. Even the problem is reported by many new iPhone X and iPhone 8 user when they are not able to delete email from their iPhone. How to delete/remove all/multiple emails on iPhone 8/iPhone X in iOS 11:1. Open the inbox and then tap on “Edit” at top right cornor 2. Tap on any message on screen so the checkbox appears next to it.

3. Now press and hold the “Move” button with one finger, and while holding the “Move” button,  uncheck the message you previously checked 4. Now release the “Move” button.  5. You’ll now be at the Inbox selection screen, at the top of the screen will show how many emails are selected, choose the “Trash” icon to move them all to trash and permanently delete them.

Now you…

Best iPhone X thin battery case with wireless charging

iPhone X is equipped with many new feature and a good battery life but it’s a fact that  iPhone X does not have unlimited battery life, so if you don’t want to wait to charge your phone it’s a good option to carry iPhone X battery case. We have some best iPhone X battery cases that might save your day and money.

The iPhone X has a Li-Ion battery capacity of 2,716mAh (10.35Wh). According to Apple it should get you almost 21 hours of talk time, up to 12 hours browsing the Internet, up to 13 hours watching video, or 60 hours listening to audio. Please not these battery cases  are not Apple certified. But these worked fine while many users are using these, but Apple recommends using only accessories that it has certified (MFI) and that come with the "Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad" logo.
1. Alpatronix 4200mAh - Colors :black and Gold (check more at amazon) - Qi wireless charging This is one of top rated and good backup thing battery case for iPhone X. The iPhone X External Battery Case has…

iPhone X/XR/XS: apps not loading/stuck after restore to iOS 12/12.3/11

iPhone X the new cell phone released by Apple is one of the best iPhone so far released. But there are some Appstore issue are reported by iPhone user that Apps Won't load after Restore on iPhone X, iOS 11.2.  After doing the restore on new iPhone X and some of the apps are locked up and won't start. Tried deleting and reinstalling them still locked at loading. Same issue is reported with iPhone 8 plus users as well.

Many iPhone X users are reporting that they not able to download apps on iPhone X. Some of apps say waiting while other apps stayed stuck for very long time. Users after upgraded from the older iPhone to the iPhone X and their profile and pictured transferred to the new device, but apps are stuck and will not load.  AppStore will not work for updates either. Seems to be a serious problem with AppStore. How to fix “why cant i download apps on my iphone 7/8/X/XS/XR” : iOS 12/12.3
Fix 1:  Remove /reinstall stuck app from iPhone X/8 To understand the issue: If you do a …

Best iPhone XR/XS Max/ X games, top 10 list in 2019

The New iPhone XR, XS Max and iPhone has many great feature and it has not disappointed user who loves gaming. The iPhone X have gigantic 5.8 inch super retina HD, OLED multi-touch HDR display that comes with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. These all hardware specifications makes the iPhone X one of the best smartphones for game lovers. We have listed below top 10 best games for iPhone XR/ XS and X.  In case you are also looking for best iPhone XR/X games, we have selected few games that you may like to play on. These are also best games on iOS 12. We have done review of all these games and its recommended that you try these game on your iPhone X. List of top 10 Games for iPhone XR/XS/X:
1. The Talos Principle ( Rating 4.5/5) – Puzzle Game - iPhone X support : Version 1.4

So far one the best games for any iOS device including the new iPhone X. The game is developed by Croteam and is a first-person puzzle video game. The Talos Principle is a narrative-based puzzle game played from a fir…


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