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wrong timezone issue in iOS11

Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 11 are facing issue that iPhone is showing wrong timezone. The issue is while iPhone Time Zone set to "Set Automatically" to OFF , iPhone will revert to home country time after a restart or switching back from AirplanMode. The time zone reverts in iPhone is faced only after upgrading to iOS11. This sometimes causes to miss an alarm, reminder or important meeting. 

The issue is even affects latest iPhone 8 + and iPhone X. iPhone X on iOS 11.2.5 seems to switch ‘auto time zone’ setting back on a few hours after a restart. The issue is very annoying as once you restart your phone it will reset itself to whatever time it wants.  The issue is more prominent if you have bought a phone from one country and using it in some other country. Many users tried set the date time "set automatically" to be off (settings>privacy>location services>system services) but even this does not seems to fix the issue as after sometimes it will…

List of best songs for ringtones in 2018

Being an iPhone, Samsung or any other cellphones user you might be looking for best and songs that you can use as ringtones. There are lots of songs that you can set a ringtone in iPhone and looks really good. Ringtone will depends upon what type music you like eg pop, rock, rap etc but Here are few list of songs you can chose for ringtones which includes some new song for creating ringtones and some old time great songs for great songs:

List of Top Ringtone songs for iPhone/Android:
1. Alan Walker – Faded 2. Jack Sparrow theme song 3 Piensa en mi (by Luz Casal) 4 Lilly (by Pink Martini) 5 Rhythm (by Casey McGill) 6. Yesterday - The Beatles 7 Hotel California - Eagles 8 Forever & One - Helloween
9 No Promises - Shayne Ward 10 Bad Day - Daniel Powter 11. Designer Panda 12. Shape of you-Ed Sheeran
13. Dive-Ed Sheeran

I hope you will really like them.

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iPhone not connecting to WIFI

itunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred while reading from or writing.

Many iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone X on iOS 11 users are facing issue while restoring their iPhone using iTunes and the iTunes error says “iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred while reading from or writing to the iPhone”. The iTunes restore error is with both windows and mac and fails to take backup. The Apple has no official statement about why iTunes could not backup the iPhone and giving read write error. But there are some workaround available that you may try to fix the issue and take backup of iPhone using iTunes.

Fix 1: Authorize the PC for Apple id In iTunes -> Look at the top menu. You'll see "Account", then Authorize, Select Authorize this computer. And this should fix any authorization related issue.
Fix 2: Remove old unsupported apps Make sure to check all apps installed before iOS 11 and every apps open properly. In case you error while opening apps that saying the “developer needed to update them to work on ios11”. Please make sure to delet…

Yahoo mail phone contacts not syncing with iPhone iOS11

Many iPhone 6/7 and iPhone X/8 users on iOS 11 are facing issue with syncing Yahoo contacts. The yahoo contacts are not syncing to iPhone after upgrade to iOS11. Even on recently purchased new iPhone and added Yahoo account to the iPhone Mail app but for some reason Yahoo contacts are not syncing with the iPhone. Users have tried deleting and re-adding the account and still not getting most of contacts, While on web through computer and see all contacts but not on my iPhone.

The issue occurred when users faced a mail server errors or Yahoo mail not updating issue and tried to re-add the account to iPhone. But once the user have deleted the email, and tried to re add, but it wouldn't. Restarting and hard reset does not seems to fix the issue.
Yahoo support responded to this issue without any hint about the fix: “This is a current known issue. Engineering is aware and currently working on a resolution for all affected devices. 
How to fix Yahoo contacts are not synching in…

Fix iPhone suggested contacts showing maybe tag in iOS 11

Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 11 are facing an issue in iMessage, call logs and Message apps that when they got a call from a number that is not saved in contact list but in the call log, under the number, a name is suggested: "Maybe: X". The issue is seem all the time as users get a "Maybe:" in front of most iMessage contacts and only the phone number for SMS.
This is not a bug or issue but an intended behaviour added by Apple as iOS scans your email for contact info. If the phone number is not in your Address Book, it looks to your email to see if anyone with this number sent you email. If it finds the phone number linked with a contact from your email, it will show you "Maybe:" with its guess of the person's name.

In case you find this annoying and want to stop Maybe: in suggested contracts on iPhone please check below possible solution :

Fix 1: Turn off ‘contact found in’ settings You can disable this feature, if you want, by: Go to Setting…

iPhone change snooze time alarm in iOS11

Apple is coming up with many latest feature in their latest iPhone like in iPhone X , offer FaceID, OLED screen, Wireless charging etc but many iPhone users are looking for a way by which they can change snooze time according to their comfort. And are wasting a lot of times trying to figure out how to set the duration for alarm clock snooze. But not able to change the snooze time of iPhone alarm. Unfortunately the answer is there is no option provided by Apple to change or set snooze time in any iPhone model.  

Even on the latest software iOS 11 and iPhone X, iPhone 8 it’s a very common query that many iPhone users raise that how can i change snooze duration for alarm in IOS 11”.If you wish to let Apple know you would like to see a change implemented to add customizable snooze timer, then we need to use the feedback link provided by Apple (
As mentioned there is no setting for changing the snooze time for the native clock alarm app, however th…

why is Easter not in my iphone calendar, Fixed

Many iPhone users complaint about missing the Easter and Good Friday on the 2018 iCalender in iOS 11. While looking for the Good Friday and Easter Holiday on US Holidays calendar supplied on the Apple devices the users found none of these holidays listed there . However this is not a case with every holiday as some of religious holidays are there but Easter and Good Friday are missing from iPhone calendar. However there are rumors that Good Friday & Easter are dropped in US but available in other countries like Australia.

In case you are still looking to find a way to add Easter holiday to add to your calendar you can chose one from listed below:Workaround 1: Subscribe to new US calendar in settings Please copy the link and paste it into the Subscribe to Calendar dialog. You should go through Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar. webcal://
Workaround 2: One click subscribe To subscribe…

iPhone banner notification text misplaced iOS11

Many iPhone users including on iPhone 7+, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are facing issue with lock screen notification on iPhone screen in iOS 11. The lock screen notification text is not placed properly in the screen it seems that notification text is not fitting to border and slipping off the area. This is the very annoying bug in iOS 11 as notification looks messed up. Any notification longer than a single line have this issue where the second or third line are going out of notification area or the the preview notifications does not expand properly.

It seems that the text in lock screen notification go out of bounds and placed all over the screen looking very clumsy. For some user it happens intermittently for some user it happens even on Apple App notifications every time for every single notification. What is more annoying is sometimes the user is not able to clear these distorted lock screen notification from their iPhone. Apple does not have any updates on this and seems to be a bug in i…

“Unable to join network” issue on iOS 11

Many iPhone 6s and 7 plus, even iPhone 8 users are facing issue to join WIFI network after upgrading to iOS 11. User is not able to join wireless network as able to do with iOS 10 on same network. While trying to connect to network iPhone user receives a pop up “Unable to join network”.  The issue is also reported on iPad devices.  iPhone “Unable to join network” error is mainly reported for wireless network over Routers only.

Most of the apps work with Wi-Fi and it will make them useless if iPhone is not joining to WIFI networks. How to fix iPhone “Unable to join network” issue.
Fix 1:  Change Router settings The error message “unable to join network” seems to occur with specific Wireless Network routers, So if your router support dual band routing try to test connection with other network. Change the router settings eg to choose channel “6” instead of “Auto” or e B+G instead of B+G+N. (depending upon router model)  Also change the security to WPA2 from WPA. This should fix iPhone not abl…

How to fix iPhone X/Xs excessive data usage

Many iPhone X users are facing issue that the iPhone X is consuming too much cellular data. For some users reported that the phone is taking 3GB data in just 2 hours of data. Many customers reported this issue to Apple, but the customer care seems to be completely unaware of the issue. Most of the usage comes from System Services under the "Apple ID Services" heading. It was hundreds of MB a day while still connected to WiFi.

iPhone X is best flagship phones All-in-all, the phone is amazing. But such issue makes many iPhone X users regret their $1000 purchase. The users even tried to contact to service provider like AT&T and Verizon wireless to debug the issue but no updates are found. One user reported the issue of reddit as quoted “Ever since, the data usage has been insane on this phone, to the point where I have contacted Apple and they have told me to turn my data usage off… Apple has given me no answers, other than the fact that the iPhone X has enhancements that mig…

How to revert to older Snapchat and turn off automatic updates on iPhone

If you do also not love the new SnapChat 2018 updates and wants to get rid of latest version of Snapchat and the the auto update of SnapChat like many other SnapChat users. There’s an online petition to ‘Make Snapchat great again’ and more than 85000 users have already signed in the petition to highlight issue with latest snapchat. Some user have also been caught out by the iOS automatic update feature, running them into new SnapChat app forcefully to use.

The new Snapchat is really a pain for many users as it seems to screw up the stories are shown, and has lumped all chats into one messy ‘friends’ page. There are new fonts and emojis added in new release but overall users are unhappy with the update.
How to revert to old Snapchat app in iPhone:

Solution: Reload the app from iTunes backup: -First, delete the latest Snapchat app from your iPhone by holding on the icon until its icon starts shaking around. Now hit the X in the top left-hand corner of this icon. -Now connect your iPhone to…

iPhone Yahoo email not updating with iOS 11

Many iPhone 6s/7 users including iPhone 8 and iPhone X users are facing issue with iPhone mail app that their configured Yahoo email is not working properly. Yahoo mail in mail app are not updating in iOS 11. It seems that mail is not getting fetched properly from Yahoo server. But if you go to desktop version there is new email while iPhone not shows up latest emails. Even when tried setting up my yahoo accounts in outlook app and it works flawlessly so this is clearly a mail app issue.

After upgrading to iOS 11, iPhone intermittently receives Yahoo Mail in the app. It typically updates no more than once or twice a day even it is set to fresh in few minutes. The iPhone says it is downloading eg 15 messages and then nothing loads in yahoo mails. The issue is not even reported with latest Apple flagship iPhone X with iOS11. Even on the latest iOS 11.2.5 yahoo emails are not updating. Adding and removing the email account does not help this issue at all. To fix the issue even hard closin…

iPhone Unable to share and edit recently take photos

Many iPhone X, 6s/7 plus users are unable to edit or share photos taken few seconds ago. The issue is majorly reported in iOS 12/11 or after user upgrade to iOS 12. This happens strange behavior in the Camera and Photos app that photos taken recently cannot be edited or shared or saved in the iPhone. The recently taken photo that can be edited then just minutes later takes another that can’t be edited. The issue is even reported with iPhone X and iPhone 8 on in iOS 12/ 11.2.5.

However when tried to share photos by going into the Messages app and attaching them it works fine but just not from the Camera or Photos app. This is annoying that photos can not be edited straight away. While some user complains that the issue is not with every photo taken but is intermittent like take a photo, can edit. Take another, can’t edit. Take another.. but not a fixed pattern. Surely this is an intermittent problem, that appears to occur randomly.
How to fix unable to edit or share recently taken photos…

iPhone Restore from iCloud stuck on 'time remaining: estimating…"

Many iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus, even on iPhone 7 users are facing issue in restore that restoring iPhone 6S from iCloud gets stuck in the very beginning saying "time remaining: estimating ...". Restore from iCloud is estimated at 2 Days  or may be as low as 1min but still climbing. The blue bar is stuck at less than 15%. Even with high speed WIFI the restore is still stuck for many hours and never seems to end.Usually this should not take more than 2-3 hours for restore to happen completely but if it still happens:

How to fix restore not completing in iPhone 6s/6+, stuck at calculating time:Fix 1:  Restart the restore from iCloud For iOS 10 onwards , Go to, Settings -> User's Apple ID -> iCloud -> Bakcup -> Stop Restoring iPhone. And now try again with restore. It may work this time.

Fix 2: Sign out and sign in again Turn off the phone and turn it back on, then skip iCloud sign in by pressing "Sign in later", once your on the home screen you can go in…


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