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How to stop delete message confirmation in iOS 11.3

Many iPhone users after upgrading to latest iOS 11.3 are facing a problem with message app while deleting a message conversation. The new iOS 11.3 update added a feature to message that it will now ask if you're sure you want to delete a text message/iMessage once you choose the delete option. It is possible that some users might have found these preventive steps from Apple against accidental deletion of messages but at the same time since iOS never had this option before, so many users who are in habit of deleting messages directly are finding this as really annoying.

Even when tried to find in iOS 11.3 setting, searching through the settings to remove this deletion confirmation, but does not seems that any such option exists. There is no direct way to shut off the confirmation message while deleting any message or iMessage.
When contacted to Apple support senior tech confirmed that this is not a bug but a feature and there is no way to turn it off as of now. It could have been be…

How to fix iPhone X/8/7/6 Battery Percentage Stuck after iOS 11.2/11.3

Many iPhone X and iPhone 8/7/6 users are facing battery issue with iOS11/11.1/11.2. Like quick battery drain etc. But another issue that been found on iPhone is battery percentage gets stuck while charging above 90% or at some other value. The iPhone will charges normally up till around 90% and it starts to slow down and get stuck at certain percentages. The phone can get stuck at 90%, 85% or 70%. It can be any value. Battery life is seems to be fine and there’s no fast drainage. The iphone X/8 works fine but while charging them they are stuck at some random % value and phone is not charging to 100%.

While the battery is stuck at some percentage and if you try to restart your iPhone the iPhone battery will be increased. This seems to a software bus in iOS11 release and even in latest iOS 11.3 battery percentage is getting stuck while charging and never reaches to 100%.
How to Fix iPhone battery indicator stuck and not updating battery life: Fix 1 : Complete discharge of iPhone In any ele…

iPhone voice memos is not playing via bluetooth speaker [Fix]

iPhone users on iOS11 are facing issue with playing voice memos over Bluetooth speakers. The voice memo will not get played at all but rather starts playing over the iphone. Interstigly everything rest on iPhone like Music app and games play through the speaker, it’s just Voice Memos that does not. Bluetooth is already connected but doesn't play. The issue is independent of speakers as it happens with almost all speakers Bose mini, Beats X etc.

The issue is reported with almost app versions of iphone 6/7/8 and iphone x as well on recent iOS11. This does seems to be a bug for voicememo only for Bluetooth speakers. If play voice memo it does not work though the speaker is connected to Bluetooth. Play the Voice Memos, the audio auto switches from bluetooth speaker to the speaker on my iphone. Not sure if Apple has designed the voice memo not to work over a bluetooth device or it’s a bug in iOS 11. But the users are looking to get fixed from Apple.

How to fix iPhone voice memo not playi…

iPhone Calendar Freezes in Location Entry [Fix]

Many iPhone 6/7/8 and even the new iPhone X flagship iPhone from Apple are facing many issues with iOS11. One such issue with iOS11 reported with iPhone is the calendar app freezes while entering location. This was never the case with earlier versions of iOS. You won’t be able to put in an complete address while adding location and it will freeze when you type the second letter of location. Calendar app will hangs after typed the first letter.

The iPhone calendar completely freezes when tried to enter a location for the event. Even the iPhone X running iOS 11.2 is reported with this issue which is very annoying as you will be stuck at middle of making an calendar entry. This cannot be a problem with iPhone but the iOS 11 recent releases. Also the problem is also reported when searching for contacts in calendar where calendar of iphone will hang for some time.
Fix 1: Type the location really fast or wrong quick entry
It is a more like a workaround to get iPhone calendar work without hangi…

How to fix iPhone 7 plus making creaking/clicking sound when press hard

Many iPhone 7Plus owners are making cmplaints about the models, specifically who owns a black iPhone 7 plus that the phone makes a slight cracking sound when pressed firmly. iPhone 7 makes a slight creaking sound that sounds like something is loose inside the phone. The sound is clearly audible if some flex is there on phone.

The issue is not similar across all devices for some user the issue happens every time expected but for some it is intermittent. If your iPhone is affected you can easily reproduce this by While twisting the phone by holding it from upright and down left corners you can hear the clicking noise easily which is annoying. Or you may Just push on the right side on the home button to hear the clicking. But luckily this does not have any issue if you expose your iPhone to water.
Some users replaced the iPhone but still the new phone has same issue. Even contacting the Apple Support does not seem to be give a reasonable reply for it. Here is what an users said on Apple f…

iPhone 5/6/7/8 No sound for video recording [Fix]

Many iPhone 5s, 6s, 7+ and iphone 8 with iOS11, users are facing issue with sound recording while shooting a video that video recording sound drops off suddenly at some time slot and come back again when playback. However if you try to record the video from front camera there is no sound recording issue with iPhone. The same issue was reported couple of year back with “iPhone 6 sound missing from a recorded video”.

When you record the video, the video looks good but the only sound is a hissing sound and the audio is very very low to the point where you can only hear it if you hold the phone directly to your ear, which is very annoying. What is more strange that the voice recorder still works well if tried standalone. Sometime there is no audio recorded at all with iPhone 7 video recording but sometimes recorded videos sound drops out to about 20% during playback. Resetting the iPhone does not seem to help the users. However at very first place you should check the case you are using to…

iPhone safari error “this connection is not private”

Many iPhone 6s/7/8  and iPhone X users are facing issue that while browsing over safari some time the error screen is shown on iPhone with error message “this connection is not private” . This can be any site or even some genuine sites like for some case Safari message blocking from accessing AT&T site.

The issue can be even reported while you try to join some Wireless network and you can see the error message as shown in pic. This won’t let you join the network. The issue is frequently seen with iOS11 update, when the phone automatically updated to iOS11, many secure settings are now saying not secure.
So many users are looking to bypass "this connection is not private" error message in Safari. It looks like latest iOS safari has some security updates which might be causing it. It is probably related to the secure certificate issued by that website. Any secure website (https) has such a certificate and it must check out with the authority that issued it. Your browser does…

iPhone 6s/7/8 text message notification disappearing from lock screen

Many iPhone 6s/7/8 and iPhone X users even on iOS 11 are facing the issue that notification that pop up at lock screen are missing in apps after unlocked and checked the iphone. Like in case text message app a user’s receives the message notification on lock screen but as soon as he unlock his iPhone there are no new messages in the iPhone. The message is not showing in notification center again. The banner notification stays on lock screen approximately 5-10 minutes and then disappears making it appear that there were no texts. The issue can happen with any app notification like email, message etc on any iphone model. A user with only one week old iPhone 8+ on iOS 11 is facing issue with lost text message after unlocking the phone.

it's really annoying, the message disappearing from iPhone is not consistent - definitely intermittent. Some message notifications appear fine, others don’t. For many users this all started with iOS 11. User loses the notifications and the messages they…

iMessage not working on Mac Book Pro and iOS11 [Fixed]

The iPhone user after updating the iOS to latest iOS 11 are finding many new feature interesting and helpful. But at the same time many are facing issue while accessing iMessage on their mac device and Mac OSX High Sierra. The issue is that the iMessages are not appearing on Mac device, however they are received normally on iPhone and iPad devices with same apple id but not the Mac. The same setting was working fine previous to iOS11, old mac PC and even the correct accounts are shown up the setting still iMessage are not loading in mac. The imessages are not in Sync between iPhone and mac devices.

iMessage is a instant messaging service provided by Apple to its uses, which is considered a free alternative to text messages or SMS. The feature is extended to be use from mac device and iMessage on your Mac, you can send unlimited messages to any other Apple device like iPhone, iPad and iPod users who uses iMessage. But with the upgrade their iPhone or migrated to another computer many cu…

iPhone 7 apps like facebook, instagram load again from fresh page after making switch

Apple has been always trying to come up with great feature, clean design and more interactive design. So also in iOS11 there are many great features launched by Apple. But there still exists a design or issue when user switches between apps also known as multitasking. The problem is when you are working in one app, then switch to another to do some other work there, and then switch back to the first app, the first app then either resets itself and goes back to its starting screen which is very annoying as you might lose some data or scroll all the way to find the same thing in apps. Like if you are watching a YouTube video and switches to some other app, and once you reopen YouTube app you will have to search and play the video again. The issue is very frequent with instagram app.

Turning off Background App Refresh has no effect since this is not about what apps do in the background but rather what they do when they're brought back to the foreground in iPhone. What is more surprisi…

Delete Daily Doppler email spam from an iPhone [Fix]

Many iPhone users including iPhone 7/8 and iPhone X users on iOS11 are facing an issue that they are receiving multiple emails from something called Daily Doppler. You can find the Daily Doppler in your setting but won’t be able to remove Daily Doppler from iPhone. The Daily Doppler is not visible in app list so just can’t simply delete as a normal app.

The email received by users is coming from many different addresses and just one email is sent from many advertisements. Kohls, Sears,lawn more services, automobile advertisements etc. . They email will keep on coming from these sources and not way to stop them as there’s no return address. If you search in your iPhone Daily Doppler is visible as an Account and all of the Daily Doppler spam goes into this account. You can check your list of account to confirm (Settings/Accounts & Passwords, look under the ”Accounts” section to see if Daily Doppler (or similar name) is present). In order to remove the Daily Doppler spam from your iPho…

iOS 12 / 11 How to fix installed app icons missing from iPhone

Many iPhone X/8/7/6 users after updating to iOS10 or iOS11 are facing issue with apps icon visibility on home screen. After successfully installing the apps the user finds that all of apps (except for the pre-loaded ones) are not on the home screen. They are surely on the iPhone as they are shown in settings, and you can search them from spotlight search, but the "icon buttons" are not on the home screen of iPhone. The issue is quite annoying as Phone apps are missing but marked "installed" in App Store.

There are few workaround to fix “downloaded app but no icon iphone” issue as listed below:
Fix 1: Reset Home screen layout You can refresh your home screen in iPhone to get back all the icons. In iOS11 Goto->settings->General->Reset->RestHomeScreenLayout. It will rearrange all your apps and take away all your folders but your apps should be visible. Once you have done this the missing app icon may start to appear again.
Fix 2: Remove restriction Check Settin…

iPhone X/8 stuck on restoring media while iCloud restore [Fix]

Many iPhone X users while restoring old iPhone backup from iCloud backup are facing issue that iPhone gets stuck at “restoring media”. The restore finishes with messages and all apps loaded well but no photos/vidoes. When the users tried to Check status of the restore, it is found to be stuck at “restoring media” without any further activity. For many users the iPhone x and iPhone 8 are stuck at “restoring media” for more than 30 hours and the camera roll are not loading properly.

The issue is majorly reported while iPhone users tried to restore backup from iCloud. Not only iPhone X but the iPhone 8 plus with iOS11 is also reported with this “restoring media” issue.
How to fix iPhone X stuck at restoring media error: In case you are also facing this issue and looking for a fix, below is the fix that has helped many other iPhone X/8 users to complete the restore without the error. Step 1. On your iPhone, Go to iTunes -> More -> Downloads Step 2.You should see some media downloading in…

Handoff not working on iPhone X/8/7 on iOS11, Fix

Many iPhone X and iPhone 8/7/6s users are complaining about an issue that while trying handing off the activities on iPhone X the users is unable to Handoff the same to mac PC. The iPhone running on latest iOS 11 and PC is macOS High Sierra, latest versions. If you check the iPhone unlike earlier there is no longer an icon on the lock screen to show handoff is available but only from the bottom of the multi-tasking window.

This is so weird that in iPad (11), Macbook (high sierra), Work iMac (sierra) have handoff in the right places but iOS 11 iPhone does not.The handoff seems to work fine for Apple watch and MacBook (running High Sierra). There seems to be issue with iPhone X and other iPhone model. It Seems like that Handoff is broken on iOS11 and handoff ONLY works on the iPhone taskbar but NOT on the lock screen If you open an app on my iPhone the handoff icon will show on my MacBook. However if you open anything on my watch or MacBook your will not get little hand off icon in the b…

Unable to access Safari lock up malware on iPhone

Many users all of sudden found that the Safari on iPhone is locked up by a malware and they are not able to access it. When the users tried open the Safari browser, it went to a URL "” and keep on flashing.User is not able to enter anything on the safari browser and making safari totally unusable.

It seems to be some kind of virus which high jacked the safari functionality. When you will open the safari the screen lists a Supportnumber (********) and error message stating : "Attention! Your device has been locked due to detected illegal activity!Immediately call Apple Support to unlock it. We're here to help."
To fix Sarai affected by Virus issue you can try below possible solutions: Fix 1: Clear safari website data Go into settings, click on safari, scroll down and click on advance, click on web data click on remove all website data. It closes the windows so you can start over.
Fix 2: Use 3D touch to open new tab Easiest way to get rid of that is too clos…

iPhone X and iPhone 8 screen display dims in sunlight, FIX

Apple has launched its flagship phone the iPhone X with many latest and unique features. Which makes it a revolutionary product so far launched by Apple. The FaceID and OLED screen are among these new features. However such high powered product from Apple is not fully protected from issues and bug.

Once such issue is reported by many users is linked to Phone Screen brightness. The iPhone X screen is randomly going dim automatically. Even when the phone is expected to get brighter rather it gets dimer eg in bright sunlight the iphone X screen display light gets dim. The users have tried with turning off auto brightness( general - accessibility - display accommodations - turn off auto brightness) but still the issue is faced by users. The dim screen of iPhone X is not permanent but iPhone recover from it after 15 minutes of usage. But even if the screen comes back to normal light still the issue is very annoying as screen brightness sometimes get really very low and it’s difficult to use …


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