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How to fix iOS 11.3 “browser application cache is unavailable at this time..” on iPhone

Many iPhone users after upgrading to latest iOS 11.3 releases by Apple are facing issue while browsing the website that can’t use any web browser to login from safari browser as it give the error “the browser application cache is unavailable at this time. please ensure the application cache is not disabled and you are not using this application in a private browsing session.”

The iPhone X/8/7+/6s and other model users are getting this error on a website, even related to sites which requires login (like company websites) and after this the error “browser application cache is unavailable at this time…” appears. Even when tried with other browser like safari, chrome, firefox the website still does not open. This is surely related to iOS 11.3 update as other android devices, and pc devices connect without issue to the websites. Even when tries with earlier vesion of iOS, the site opens up normally. The issue is really annoying and problematic as on ios devices all browsers do not work safa…

iOS 11.3 music playback skipping and jittering glitch [Fix]

Many iPhone X and other iPhone8/7/6 users are facing issue after updating their iPhone to iOS 11.3 that the iPhonehas been having the some audio playback issues that music stops and skips itself randomly. The issue was never observed with earlier version of iOS and surely iOS11.3 have caused music/audio playback glitch and skipping. One user reported the issue as   :  “After about 30 seconds, the audio cuts off in my iPhone 7, then comes back totally garbled. This has happened with music and podcasts, and it just happened while I was on the phone. 30 seconds into my call, the audio cut off, then came back slow and stuttering, eventually resolving itself.”

It not only one app that is affected but users are getting glitching with both music and podcasts playback and even for phone calls audio. This is strange that even on latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 when updated to iOS 11.3 and can hardly play ANY music without skipping, pausing, jittering, etc. The users never had these problems before …

iOS 11.3 Screen recording mute or stops the background music

Apple have released screen recording feature in iOS11 for iPhone X and other models (iPhone 8/7/6/5). The screen recording feature is very popular and iPhone users have liked it a lot. But after upgrading to latest iOS11.3 many users are finding that the music running in iPhone becomes mute as soon as the screen recording starts. This is very annoying for some users as they wish to record the screen with the music of sound in the iPhone.

This seems like a issue to many iPhone users as this was not happening with previous updates of iOS11. But with iOS 11.3 screen recording does not record the background music or sound but rather mutes the sound until the screen recording is going on in the iPhone.

But this may surprise to many iPhone users that this is not an issue in iPhone or iOS11.3 but rather releases as a feature in iOS 11.3. However many iPhone user may not like it as many users only time used screen record is when there’s music playing. In case you do not like this feature you ca…

WiFi Calling not working on iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11.3 [Fix]

Apple have released Wi-Fi calling feature for iPhone X and other models (iPhone 8/7/6/5) a long time ago and many users find it really useful. The Wifi calling feature actually depends upon your carrier providers, if they offer it you can use it by going to settings->phone->Wifi calling. Like in USA almost all carrier provider (Verizon, At&T, Sprint and, T-mobile), in the UK (EE, Vodafone) and Canada (Bell, Rogers) carriers are giving Wi-Fi calling services to their users with iPhone.

But after upgrading to iOS 11.3 many iPhone users are finding that Wi-Fi calling is not working on iPhone on iOS 11.3. Even on iPhone X and iPhone 8 users are unable to make calls using wifi after the upgrade. The reason you are not able to make any wifi calling from your iPhone is that  iOS 11.3 now prioritize on cellular calls. WiFi calling in iPhone only activates if your cellular signal strength is low. The WiFi calling will only turn on if you have less than 2 bars(almost) of cell signal. Ma…

iOS 11.3/ iOS 11.4 battery draining fast issue [Fixed]

Many iPhone users have complains of severe battery drain in iOS 11.4. The latest iOS is reported with poor battery life after users upgraded to latest iOS11.4. The battery life is very poor in ios11.4 as the battery drain really fast. The battery drain is very surprising in many cases as it happens to be like 10% in 15 minutes only. 

Almost all iPhones including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7/6 have been reported to get affected with poor battery with upgrade to iOS 11.4. It's possible that the 11.4 broke some application and that application is using the location services more than it needs to. You could try to disable access to location services app by app and see which one is the one using it constantly.  Sometimes the battery drain is immense and consumption is too high by system applications.

How to fix poor battery life in iOS 11.3/iOS 11.4: Go to Settings -> Battery usage and check which apps are consuming tom much memory. See if you can do anything about this. In most of…

How to fix iOS 11.3 / iOS 11.4 battery drain issue on iPhone X/8/7/6

iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.3 is reported with poor battery life by many users who upgraded their iPhone to latest iOS 11.3. The battery life is very poor in ios11.3 as the battery drain really fast. It is surprising that even with iOS 11.3 update, all of a sudden caused battery to drain at least 3-5x faster than ever before for some users. This is really annoying from apple that for every new iOS release the battery life becomes poor for many iPhone users. 

Almost all phones including iPhone x and iPhone 8/7/6 have been reported to get affected with poor battery with upgrade to iOS 11.4. And the battery drain is immense and consumption is too high by system. It’s like in 3 minutes users is losing 5% of battery.
How to fix battery drain in iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4:To save battery of iPhone first please check which app is actually consuming too much battery .Go to Settings > Battery. To see how long each app has been open and running in the background. If it is some third party app uninstall it…


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