HomeKit apps stuck “Loading Accessories and Scene” on white screen with iPhone


After upgrading iPhone to latest iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4, many iPhone users are facing issue with HomeKit Apps that the apps won’t start anymore and keep on saying “Loading Accessories and Scenes”.  Moment you will launch the app it just gets stuck on this white screen that says Loading Home. The Homekit app seems to be stuck on this. Restarting the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV does not seems to fix the issue.

Even the issue is reported with iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus, so the issue is not dependent on the model of iPhone as on iPad also the issue observed by many users. This seems to be a bug in the recent releases of iOS and apple should address the bugs as soon as in next releases. HomeKit devices are worthless as HomeKit is not working and apps keeps reporting “Loading Accessories and Scenes”. This is really annoying as each time you will open the app it simply says "Loading Accessories and Scenes" forever.
To fix the issue please try below solution/workaround for the problem 

Fix 1: Wait on the white screen  and reset config

If you can wait for 30 minutes, an option is displayed on the bottom of the screen to reset your HomeKit configuration. But, this will delete everything from your HomeKit.

Fix 2: Toggle iCloud Homekit settings
Go to iCloud on iphone and turner Home off from syncing. After trying a few times to add the device it may work. Just turning Home off from the cloud worked for many users.

Fix 3 : create a fresh iCloud account

Log out of iCloud - create a fresh iCloud account, open Home app then log out and back into your real iCloud account

Fix 4: Reset All Settings on phone
Resetting the iPhone to fresh have fixed this issue for many iPhone users. But please take a backup before doing this as this will erase all data from your iPhone



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