iPhone 6s missing carrier option in setting and no network service issue [Fix]


Many iPhone users are facing the issue that  iPhone 6 keeps loosing connection, "no service". There are issue in network signal of iPhone 6 as no carrier option settings are available. The iPhone struggled to find any signal in the area and if you try to search for network in setting there are no option to select carrier in settings. The carrier option is missing in settings and can't do a manual search. Even on the latest iOS 11 users are facing the no network issue on iPhone 6s.

The issue is very annoying as user can’t find carrier option in the setting as depicted in the pictures.  Thus you can’t select or change the carrier settings. This issue initially may look like a network issue but the SIM works fine in other phones and network is in good strength in other phones.
It looks like something is triggering a bug in the software which crashes the carrier software so it disappears from the settings menu. Hard resetting the iPhone may fix the issue but will reoccur after sometime. When user visited Apple Genuine bar, for some customer, unfortunately the Apple "Genius" confirmed that there is a hardware problem.

How to fix iPhone 6s no network issue:

Fix 1:  Reinsert sim card with network toggle

-Turn on Airplane mode.
-Removing sim card.
-Force shutdown (Press and hold the Home button. While holding the Home button, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button.)
-Wait 2 minutes.
-Turn on the phone.
-Turn off Airplane mode.
-Insert the sim card.

Fix 2: Use "Drop" method
This is a hardware solution for iPhone 6 no carrier service :
-shut down iphone.
-remove sim card.
-place phone in protective case.
-drop on a sturdy hard table onto its backside from 12 inches high.
-re-insert sim card.

-Boot up your phone and see that glorious LTE.
-it’s going to be awesome to wake up to "searching" "no service".
This is clearly a design flaw with the IC Chip that connects the antenna/networking system.

Fix 3: Battery drain out
Leave the battery drain completely and when you charge iPhone again it should be working fine and network problem may get resolved.



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