iPhone x not charging fully past 80 %


Many iPhone X users are reporting battery not charging above a certain level and get stuck at some particular % level eg  80%. Even it’s showing the phone is charging when it’s is plugged in to charger but not charging stuck at 80 for the past 3 to 4 hours. This seems like iPhone stopped charging at 80 and the charging will not happen after that. This is really annoying as you can't rely upon the battery percentage anymore.

The similar issue is even reported with iPhone 8 with iOS 11 installed. The iPhone % stuck varies from users to users for some it is 75% while for other can be 83% or 80.

Fix 1: Battery complete discharge
It is quite possible that iPhone X digital gauge is malfunctioning and not reporting the expected battery life and might seem to freez. In this case you should recalibrate your battery by letting is discharge completely until the iPhone switches off. Now if you recharge your iPhone this should charge normally to 100%.

Fix 2: clean up charging ports

iPhone battery related issue usually also occurs due to: Battery, Charge port, or mobo short. One of these could be defected for battery issues.
It can also be an issue with a single filter on the board. It’s different for each device, but close to the battery connector, is a series of filters, that if damaged or blown, can’t accurately track the battery life.

Fix 3: Factory reset

Factory reset iphone after backing up all of data on iCloud/iTunes. Once the reset is complete the battery charging should come back to normal.

Fix 4: Genuine bar appointment for battery replacement
In some cases even the battery can be faulty or some other hardware issue might have occurred. It’s better to take a genuine bar appointment and let them investigate further and decide if a battery replacement is required.



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