Find my friend location not available/updating for some user on iPhone iOS11/12


May iPhone X/8 and iPhone 7/6 plus users are facing issue with find my friends feature of iPhone that the location of some member are not visible or available to other users. It is like one user s can’t see any of them on the map and as it says Location Not Available for both. Even with new upcoming release in Sep 2018 of iOS 12, the issue is also seen with beta version of the iOS 12. Find My Friends is really useful application releases by Apple, is easy way to link up and stay in contact with friends. It’s location sharing tool and enables you to easily locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. However after this issue the whole idea of app seems to be broken.

The users are getting location not available in their iPhone while trying to access other users. Even the user have made sure to turn on the location service on all the iPhones but still that does not seems to fix the issue. In some cases the old location will not update in find my friend’s apps in the iPhone.

 ·How to fix find my friends location not available/updating

Fix 1: iCloud settings

On all iPhone go to->Settings-> Apple ID->iCloud. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and click on share my location.  your family members details are there. Make sure it allowed to particular phone is sharing their location with.

Fix 2: Turn of iMessage
iMessage also uses location service and turning this off has fixed issue for many users Please try with turning off iMessage for messages.

Fix 3: Re add your friends

Delete your "friends" from the Find My Friends app, then reinvite them again. After they accept it, the app may work again.

Fix 4 : Reset your iPhone
Go to Settings > General > Reset the phone again. Please make sure to take back up of your iPhone. This will set your device as new and can possibly fix any configuration glitch in your iPhone.



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