How to fix Facebook messenger crashing in iOS 11/11.4/ iOS 12 on iPhone X/8


Facebook messenger in iPhone is one of the most popular apps for FB users. The Facebook messenger provides many advanced features and ease of use. But even the very commonly used app in the iPhone is facing issues like crash, hanging, frozen up. The crash of FB messenger is really annoying issue in the iPhone. The latest iPhone x with latest iOS 11 and iOS 11.4 is also reported with such issue of crash . Even in the latest developer releases of iOS 12 the face book messenger 170.0  are reported with crash.

Facebook messenger crashing is happening randomly in iphone X/8/7 and even in the iPhone SE as well. The crash can happened at any time and the app will get frozen up. In some cases the app closes on its own. Not only the messenger but also the SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp are other apps which are seen to crashing in iOs 11. Below are some workaround and fix for the FB app crash issue in iPhone.
·         How to fix messenger app crash in iPhone :
Fix 1 : Update the app
This is one of the common and most working solution for any app crash. As with the latest iOS release iOs 11 and iOS 12 the apps need to make changes in them. So quite possible that app version you are using is not compatible with iOS. So please always consider upgrading.The new messenger app  170.1 seems to reported with fix for crash with iOs 11 and iOS  12 beta.

Fix 2:  uninstall and delete app

Do a fresh install of the app by deleting all its data. A fresh install may help in fixing and software related bug in the iphone.

Fix 3: Check for memory issue
Please make sure you iPhone is having enough memory for application to run, Insufficient memory usually result in crash of the apps.

Fix 4: Update iOS or restore it
Sometimes it is possible that your iphone did not go well through upgrde process and resulting crash of apps like facebook, snapchat, amazon kindle or any other music apps. So please restore your iOS from iTunes or iCloud and see if it helps.  



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