How to delete “other” memory storage in iPad/iPhone on iOS 11/ iOS 12


This is very common storage issue in any iPhone or iPad that most of (about 75%) of iPhone memory storage space is being used up by “other”. This “Other” section memory use is hard to find and delete from the iPhone. Even after clearing safari cache, junk data the other keeps on consuming too much data on the iPhone.

Best way to fix iPad other data memory release : Reset your device as new
To clear up other data from iPhone/ iPad "Other" data could be related to cached files for some other apps from the device. Some of that data may also be related to iOS Analytics. Please check if you have turned on analytics in Settings > Privacy > Analytics. You can see all the logs under Analytics Data.
Other thing you can do is manually back up any media you need and set the iPad up as new without restoring from a backup. You can get iCloud data, but you won't be loading on any cache or analytics files back on to the device. You would lose your message history on the iPad and would need to re download your apps from the App Store, but it's an option.



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