How to fix iOS 11.4.1 excessive battery draining on iPhone


Many users are complaining that after upgrading their iPhone to latest iOS 11.4.1 the battery is draining very quickly. This is strange as the last iOS 11.4 release was reported with massive battery drain in iPhone and the users were expecting a quick fix in this release of iOS 11.4.4 but this release also does not seems to fix the battery drain issue.

Battery draining fast is very common issue reported across different version of iPhones and Apple should be working on this from long time but with every release some of the iPhone always gets hit in battery performance. Even the latest iPhone X and iPhone x are also giving poor battery performance with iOS 11.4.1.

Fix 1 :  Change WIFI frequency
Other users report, that changing the Wi-Fi channel on your router back from 5GHz to 2.4GHz can help to improve your battery life. You have two signals that are retrievable from your wifi router. If you discover wifi on your device, it will (or may) show the ID for both. One will be the 5 and one the 2.4. At least if your router transmits both. Normally they have the same ID, just one of the two will show 5G or a version of that. The other is the 2.4.

Fix 2: Turn off handoff
Battery drain may also stop by the abnormal battery discharge by turning off Handoff (Settings-> General-> Handoff).

Fix 3: Turn of WIFI

Turning off the WIFI has people to perform extra with their battery.  This will surely  make some improvement in the battery life.  But this is not a solution and Apple should be fixing it permanently.

Fix 4 : Try DFU Mode reset
For some users (please ensure to take up before doing DFU) found battery improvement after doing DFU to their iPhone. Please try it if nothing else works for you.



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