iPhone 7 voicemail box is saying full while actually empty iOS 11/12


Many iPhone X/8 and iPhone 7 plus/6s  users on iOS 11 and iOS 12 are facing issue that voicemail box is empty on iPhone, but people cannot leave voice messages as it is saying that the voicemail box is full and cannot accept new messages. The same issue is also sometimes observed Samsung s9, android users.

When iPhone users face voicemail box full issue the user deleted all the messages in the mailbox but still they are seeing issue that when some tries to drop a message it says mailbox is full but it's not full.

·        How to fix iPhone voicemail box full when it’s not

Fix 1: Check “Deleted Voicemails”

When you delete a voicemail in iOS it is first moved to a trash/recycle bin and not removed from the device. Voicemail usually stays on the server for 30 days, even after deleting the message. To empty up completely you have to go back and delete the deleted messages. Once you do that the voicemail box will become empty actually.
Please Just make it a habit to check the deleted messages folder on your phone every week or so.

Fix 2:  Check Blocked voicemail
Similar to deleted mailbox please do check for “Blocked Voicemails”, they are also responsible for occupying space in your iPhone. If you have any make sure to remove it from iPhone.

Fix 3 : Check with carrier provider
If still you are seeing issue with iPhone voicemail box full issue please contact the service provider as mailbox is service provider feature not from Apple or any other android phone.



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