iPhone X/7 Gif’s not loading issue iOS 12 [Fixed]


Many iPhone 7 and iPhone x/8 users are facing issues that after recent upgrade to latest iOS 11 that Gifs are not working anymore in their iPhone. The problem only started to occur after iOS 11 upgrade and there was no such issue reported with iOS 10. After iOS 12 sending GIFs are not working in the Messages app for some reasons and the built in gif search isn’t working. This is very annoying for the iPhone users as iMessage Effects are Not Working.

Fix 1:  Turn on hashimages
Go to cellular data and look for #hashtagimages and turn it on. This should fix the issue.

Fix 2: Restart the app
Killing the app and restarting it again helps to run the Gifs in your iphone but it is possible that problem will start to occur after few Gif.

Fix 3: re-add the iMessage app

Step 1:Open a message conversations, tap on the A icon. Then tap … . Tap Edit in the upper-right corner and remove an app.  

Step 2: Download iMessage App
You can find and download apps to use with iMessage in the App Store for iMessage. For that go to the App Store for iMessage->open the app drawer and tap User uploaded file. -> Tap User uploaded file next to the app, then tap Install.



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