iPhone /iPad App crashing after opening in iOS 12/iOS 11.4.1


Many iPhone users are facing issue after upgrade to latest iOS 11.4 and iOS 112 beta that the appls like instagram, facebook, snapchat, whatsapp, amazon kindle, Facetime crashes after the upgrade. or sometimes the applications are loading properly. The app crashing issue happens to start after the upgrade only. In certain cases only the instagram crash is reported too frequently while the other apps open normally in iPhone. Almost all iPhone model iPhone X/8/7/6s are reported with this crash issue. No only iPhone but iPad are also affected after upgrade and apps are also crashing in new iOS 12 with iPad.

One user reported the issue ;
When Instagram installed, it would not open the app without instantly crashing. I have uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, updated to the newest iOS version but it still will not work. I open the app and it instantly crashes. I’m not logged in and i haven’t logged into the instagram app once on this phone.”

·         How to fix instagram or other apps crash/ not loading isue in iOS 12 and iOS 11.4

Fix 1: Upgrade the iOS and the application
Quite possible that the iOS update has injected some bug causing some specific app to crash. So its always better to upgrade to latest iOS available. There are reports that iOS 11.4.1 fixes instagram application crash in iPhon.

In some other cases of the apps are not compatible with latest iOS, the app developer should release the fix ASAP and should come up with fix in next release. So please keep updating to latest app version from iOS

Fix 2: Uninstall and install the app

This is also a case where apps are not able to register/install properly during the upgrade process to new iOS. So it’s better to delete the app and reinstall the app again. Clearing cache or data from the Instagram app can fix any software errors that might have caused it to crash.



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